Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mensa Teaser...a sideline visit with the team...

Okay, guys/gals, maybe I didn't 'splain the Mensa Teaser deal too good last Thursday when we took our opening kickoff.  So, maybe I need to 'splain this thing a little bit better to y'all.  I'm taking the heat on myself for our lackluster performance last week.  I was assuming things that I should not have, so it's ALL ON ME!

Corch Mayor left me and y'all in charge of  Mensa Teaser for the Summer (or until the first College Football game of the season, or until he makes me quit because I suck at this).  So, it is incumbent upon y'all to help me keep my job here.

The purpose of Mensa Teaser is for me to throw y'all two questions that may (or may not) be asked to somebody if they take the MENSA test.  Y'all are definitely supposed to answer the questions in the comments.  It does not matter if somebody else has already answered them correctly ahead of you.  Go ahead on and figure out the answers before clicking on the little "comment" deal, then enter your answers.

If by chance you can not figure out the answer to the questions, then any amusing thought that crosses your mind is invited as a comment.  You can go ahead on and enter ANY THOUGHT PERIOD, whether it is amusing or not (which is what I usually do when Corch Mayor runs MENSA Teaser, due to the fact that I can not usually figure out the answers, and lack good humor skills).

We didn't do too good on our opening drive, team.  I'm sad to say that ONLY Andy (not me...the other Andy) actually answered both of the questions correctly last week.  And, it took me about four exchanges with him, and offering him some non-existent prize of a bottle of Scotch to make him finally write down the answers in a comment.

It seems that the rest of y'all were consumed with your own silly little problems like $14,000 water bills, and headaches from trying to do math, and other junk that just won't cut it as excuses!  Dangit!  Actually, it all was pretty dang funny, and I enjoyed the heck out of the comments, but The Mayor is counting on us here.

So, let's give her another rip, whatayasay?  You might want to do some stretching exercises first, because these are gonna be a little tougher.  Here are your Mensa Teaser questions for the week.

1) Which of the scrambled words below is least like the others? The difference has nothing to do with vowels, consonants, or syllables.  (In other words, you're gonna have to unscramble the words first, and then say why one is least like the others).





2)  Only one other word can be made from ALL the letters of "INSATIABLE."  What is that word?  (Note the ALL.  I mean, words such as "IT," or "ABLE," or "SITIN'" are not acceptable.  You gotta use ALL the letters)

Well, good luck y'all! Enjoy the task ahead. I'm sure y'all will not let me down.


  1. I have the answers, but before I do this I believe you forgot to mention the PRIZE.
    Don't mess with me, I know where you live and I just bought a big old thing of toilet tissue from Sam's, would look lovely on your trees.

    P.S - coments? really?

  2. Heh, was afraid of that!
    I'll say this, the only ones I got on my own were Atlanta and Boston.

  3. 1. Iceland
    2. Banalities

  4. What?! No scotch?! To the moon!

  5. Andy, I had to do something to coax the answer. I did not know it, and I needed SOMEONE to fill me in. Sorry I did you that way.

    Nancy, Mwa mwa mwa mwa mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. Iceland is a country, the rest are cities. Unless we go by smell - in which case I think Newark is in a class by itself.

    I think "insatiable" is the only word one can spell with all the letters of "insatiable." Dang, now I'm hungry again.

  7. I would have said the last one - Wanker - is the least like the others. Atlanta, Iceland, and Boston are places. Wanker is a person.

    Banalities is the second answer.

  8. Wanker = Newark?

    Who knew? :)

    I guess it is Iceland, then.


  9. I got Iceland and sibilante without asking Mr. Google. No prize? sssss.

  10. Bunk, I'm gonna have to do better at instructions, I reckon.

    It's just American words that count. But, you did accomplish one made me ask Mr. Google what the heck a "sibilante" is.

  11. I got give this Mensa a shot.

    1) CEILNDA, I believe was the name of a gal I once dated or was her name after I drank that bottle of scotch.

    2) INSATIABLE, a common word used in the porn industry.

  12. Dances with Wolfs.

    marc in calgary

  13. Mahmood...Nyuk!

    Marc...I think that you and me hang out at too many blogs together. We gotta quit meeting like this.

    Regardless, Bwahahahahahahaha!

  14. Such banalities bore me and make me want to travel. I'm afraid of Eyjafjallajokull, so maybe I'll go to one of the cities: Boston, Atlanta or Newark. You know, Atlanta is the only real choice here if you're not going to Iceland.

    I'd have signed in as Mr Fnortner but I couldn't get my stupid Google account login correct!


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