Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I haven't reminded y'all of this in a while, so it's time to remind y'all...

I own The Gooble!

Y'all might remember that last week I posted this little deal about the "Who do you write like?" Analyzer.  Unknown to myself, this was a deal that was sweeping the worldwide computer with interest, and appeared on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of blogs.

Well, lookie here at which blog lands the number ONE unpaid for ranking on the search for it.

(click on it for the big picture)

I'm really not surprised to be #1 on this here deal, because I own The Gooble.  But, what I really love about this one is that we once again whipped the fanny of the outfit that I dearly love to whip.

Yep!  Once again, the HuffPo is way down yonder under Andy's Place, even though their little miserable article is about the stir that the "Who do you write like?" Analyzer had made on the worldwide computer.

I'm a Stephen King btw.  Just sayin'...

That's all, I just wanted to remind y'all that I own the Gooble.  That's it.

Yep!  That was all I wanted to tell y'all about.  Yep...

Yep.  Y'all have a good day now.  And remember, that I own The Gooble.


  1. Yay, Andy! First again!

    This is as it should be!

    BTW: I heard you own the Gooble? Is that true?

  2. Steamboat, it's true. I don't talk/brag about it much, but it's a fact of virtual life.

    It's hard to be humble. Really, it is.

  3. I was so hoping my prose channeled Truman Capote. Oh well, Lucy Maude Montgomery's good, too.

    Oh yeah, congrats!


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