Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local Mugs...

From The Shreveport Times...

Not again!

Chadrick Ladracus Louis DOB 10/15/1987 Booked July 16 Charge: State probation violation, poss marijuana third conviction

I love them gold toofers!  But where did she get a name like "Karen?"

Karen Denise Woodard DOB 03/23/1971 Booked July 16 Charge: Possession of Schedule II, use/possession drug paraphernalia

Real funny, Ryan!

Ryan Logan McMillan DOB 03/16/1991 Booked July 16 Charge: State probation violation

 Check out the shirt.  Maybe the guy he voted for can hep him out.

Darnell Leroy Magee DOB 08/02/1989 Booked July 16 Charge: State probation violation

Two Dollars...Maybe?

Tamara Lynn Long DOB 09/18/1972 Booked July 16 Charge: Prostitution

I'll bet they had trouble picking this guy out of a line up.

Nikko Lockett Webber DOB 02/17/1988 Booked July 16 Charge: Armed robbery

Quinton!  Quinton!  Quinton!  Just take the bus, my brother!

Quinton Jamaal Hines DOB 07/30/1983 Booked July 19 Charge: Driving under suspension, switched plates

 Heh!  Gary Don brought his own uniform!

Gary Don Weems DOB 11/18/1972 Booked July 19 Charge: Possession of Schedule IV, in-state fugitive


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