Monday, July 19, 2010

Low Cholesterol Solution...

In the mailbox from Walt.

When your next blood test shows that your cholesterol is too low... There is a solution!

Now, doesn't that sound just yummy???


  1. That just has to be a 'Shop. The FDA would never let that out on the market, it would simply have to taste too good, you know?

  2. I hope it's not fake, Paul. I've already got it on the list for this week's shopping trip.

  3. What do you do with it? Microwave it in a bowl with a little sugar? Maybe deep fry it in some batter? I'm curious. Keep in mind, I was 18 and in basic training before I ate grits! And I ate them the wrong way 'cause I thought they were cream of wheat!
    Hmmmm.....maybe fried in bacon grease with some scrambled eggs......

  4. With Greens and Hog Jowls stupid. Where are you guys from. Here in the heartland we know that even if it isn't fit to go into sausage there is always some way to put pig in a can. Yuck! MUD

  5. Do you guys consider Oregon to be "d*mn yankee northerner" territory? 'Cuz there are some things about the South that I just.don't.get...

  6. Isn't Oregon a suburb of LA? In that case, y'all are Left Coasters.

  7. Nyuk! I think MUD & Paul the Fireguy are on to something.

    BTW, Inno, the first Paul up there is one of your fellow countrymen. But, he's slowly becoming one of us.

  8. Oregon is more like a suburb of SF. Instead of hollywood limousine libs, we have hemp necklace vegan libs. But I can see how that would be confusing. In any case, we just don't see canned brains around here except maybe in some dingy bodega. But I never go in those places since my vaccines aren't up-to-date.

    BTW, thanks Mean ol' Paul! I've spent a good part of the morning on Steve Don't Eat It. Funny. Funny but rude. Right up my alley.

    And now I realize that Paul the Fireguy doesn't actually have "the Fireguy" in his handle. The fog of confusion is beginning to dissipate!

  9. Inno: Sorry for the confusion, Pal. I only refer to Paul the Fireguy as such because he is one fire-fighting motor scooter.

    When I post his regular contributions, that handle is attached. When he comments, he just goes by his first name.

    Paul the Mean ol' Meanie is a southerner. A REAL southerner. He eats brains and junk.

    Me, I am a vegetarian for over 22 years now. And, they have not yet thrown me out of the South.

    MUD is a Kansan. 'Nuff said.

    BTW, that "Steve Don't Eat It" deal is pretty funny. I forgot to thank you for that link, TD.

  10. I don't know about the canned ones, but when my mother was growing up they scrambled the brains with eggs when they butchered a hog. She said it was quite a delicacy. I took her word for it.

  11. Jim, my beloved Granddaddy Austin grew up on a hog farm in North Carolina. Pal, he ate brains, and kept pickled pigs knuckles on the kitchen counter, and fatback at breakfast...

    Didn't hurt him none, though. He lived to be 68.

  12. Isn't the brain from the head called "Hog's Head Cheese?" And can you give me a sec to go puke?

    My grandmother is 89 years old and has not gone a single day without bacon. She stills drives and cuts her own yard.

  13. Is your Grandma for hire? Because I am just about sick of mowing grass. I will gladly pay her with cash, money order, bacon, or canned hog brains.

    By mid-July, she can just name her price.

    Seriously, I remember a bunch of posts about your grandmother, but haven't read anything lately. Glad to know she's still up and at 'em.

  14. Paul, the hoghead cheese is made from the snout and meat scraped from inside the head. It's very gelatinous and sets up when it's cooked.
    Bon appetit!


    Dinner is about three minutes from on the table.

    I'm sure Paul will appreciate the culinary/grossmeout info, too. Jeepers, I wish I had never posted this thing. It's all Walt's fault.

  16. Mmmmm, Jimm, methinks that I would just rather eat some scabs or snot, though.

  17. Well, Paul, if you ate some of that hoghead cheese you probably would be.


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