Friday, July 2, 2010

Nyuk (#828)...I'll bet this guy doesn't use ink blots...

This video is making the rounds, but I snagged it off Cullen and posted it on The Facebook.

Our Okie pal, Staci commented:

I am using the term "JackWagon" at least one time today.
Our good buddy, BuckskinsRule chimed in:
I'm with Staci, "Jackwagon" is definitely in the lexicon.


  1. R Lee Emory is my kind of therapist. Get your ass up off the couch and go do something worth while. Never heard "Jack wagon" but Namby Pamby Cry baby has been bantered about.

  2. Dang, Ermy,ermory, wormy or whatever he is danged funny.

  3. Heh. Gotta love old sergeants now, dontcha? Some are crustier than others, tho.

  4. I actually used "JackWagon" a minute ago in a comment.

    It felt good...

  5. If the crust fits, Buck. ;-P

    We saw this on tv yesterday and I thought Pepper was going to bust something laughing.


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