Saturday, July 24, 2010

A recommendation...

Now, in my self appointed position as The Wrongness of The Gooble Czar™, this may be somewhat contrary to the duties. But, I am going to recommend to all 13 of y'all a free product from The Gooble that has made my use of the worldwide computer MUCH easier, and MUCH more efficient.

A good while back, my friend Two Dogs turned me on to The Gooble Reader®.  TD does not spend every valuable blog post just smashing liberals beneath his size 12 triple wides.  Nope, he often posts about new products, features, and tips for worldwide computer users.  I have recommended The Gooble Reader® to many friends since, but I've never published an official recommendation.  Until now.

This morning, I quizzed y'all about how you access Andy's Place.  I truly appreciate the comments, and the insight.  I was actually surprised that only one commentor uses The Gooble Reader®. (As of 2:00 pm CDT)

Below is a screenshot of my The Gooble Reader®.

(As always, click on it to get the big picture.)  It is basically a clearinghouse for the things, people, and blogs that interest me.  With it, you can subscribe to Sports sites, News sites, Gardening sites, Science sites, Gun sites (whatever), and the blogs that you are interested in reading.  You can even subscribe to "comments" on Wordpress blogs.   Some blogs are heavy on comments, and quite entertaining.  I subscribe to several comment feeds.

You will note that photos on posts appear in the reader.  Also, links are active, and most videos will display.  YouTube videos do...but some types of videos do not....don't ax me why.  With The Gooble Reader® you do not have to hit dozens of bookmarked, or "favorite" sites to find out if a blogger, or a news site has posted something new. It will tell you when someone has posted something, and display what they have posted for you to read without ever having to actually visit the site.

Now, if you want to comment on a blog post, you do have to click in to the actual post.  But, it's a quick click that takes you to it.  Also, some blogs/sites (like this hyar one) are set up to display the entire post.  Some blogs/sites are set up to only display the first few lines, and you have to click in to the post to read the entire thing.  And, some blogs/sites are set up to just display the title of the post, or article.  But, at least you know something is new without having to navigate bookmarks.

If you have a Blogger account, and use the "Follow" feature, you can easily import all of the blogs that you "follow" to the subscription list.  So, you don't have to keep your dashboard open to be notified of new posts. 

From The Gooble Reader® you can access your G-mail (which I highly recommend EVERYONE get a G-mail address, but I'll save that for another time), things like Gooble Translate®, and a bunch of other really cool junk.

I highly recommend it to everyone.  It is simple to set up, and simple to use.  The Mrs. set hers up in just a few minutes, and it certainly  makes her online experience much more enjoyable, also.

Below is a short one minute video that explains it.  You will have to establish a Gooble account, but it's a snap.  If you have a Blogger blog you already have one.  Get you a G-mail address while you're at it, too...and have your other e-mail addresses forwarded to it.  Trust me.  It's suh-weet.  Fabulous spam filtering!


  1. hmmmm. Sounds worth investigating.

  2. You do know that you can break them down into folders and add every blog you are "Following" automatically, right?

    Dude, I have currently 474 subscriptions. Top that.

  3. Yep! I knew it was a snap to add all "followed" blogs. When I set up mine, I only had 5 blogs on my "follow" list. They are all still there under the "Blogs I'm following" tab dealie.

    I don't think you're on there. Oh wait...yeah, you are.

    There is no way that I can top 474. I think I'm at about 72 blogs, and 5 news sites. Info "overload" might just make me snap.

    My tolerance level is WAY beneath some folks.

    Partner, I hope folks take this little recommendation to heart. I really appreciate you giving me the heads-up on it. Plus a whole bunch of other junk, too...

  4. I blame the Reader for my traffic tanking this year; lurkers who read but never comment do it via a feed reader, Google or otherwise. So that means we're down from 14 readers a day to seven. But that helps to keep the ego... what's left of it... in check.

  5. Buck, there is no doubt that The Reader has tanked traffic. But, that doesn't mean people aren't reading.

    You can set your posts up to not fully display, you know. Sure you do. I just leave mine to show the whole post, because I'd rather have somebody read it than just look at the title and pass it by.

  6. I see Mitchieville is well represented on yer Reader, so that's a positive.

    Does the Reader tank traffic?

    Cuz I thought it was my poor content choice.

  7. Mayor, it has ZERO to do with content.

    It is definitely the Reader. That's it. Seriously. That's it.


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