Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Report on The GenderAnalyzer®

Yesterday, Jim brought to our attention a little blog analyzer called The GenderAnalyzer®.   That little "®" deal stands for "ROTTEN!"

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You may remember that this little exercise in absurdity determined that Andy's Place is written by a chick.  So, we can assume at the outset that there are some definite flaws in their AlGoreythm.

Moogie (who is most definitely all girl) reported that her blog was determined to be written by a man.  Her comment:  "They call me MISTER Moogie! (or at least 74% of 'em do.) My husband will be SOOOO surprised!"

Jim (the trouble maker that got this all started) added:  "As you know, mine was like 94% manly. No surprise there. I cuss and spit a lot on my blog and sometimes pick fights with the big boys.
Anyway, Missy, thanks for putting this up (snicker)."

Yeah, snicker... 

Regardless, several of you commented, and I appreciate them all.  So, I decided to run every one of the 72 blogs on my The Gooble Reader, and for the most part The GenderAnalyzer® got it right...though many of them were close calls.

But, what lets me know for certain that this thing can not be trusted is a companion post done by Paul Mitchell.  You know...the recent birthday boy, and liberal-smashing mean ol' meanie.  As I said yesterday, I'm pretty sure this thing sucks.  Now, I have no doubt.  Go over there and view his results (and be sure to read the analysis provided by this obviously worthless waste of time.


  1. After the "who do you write like" analysis you suggested today, I think maybe my husband should start worrying.

    Or maybe I should stop doing the analysis thingies.

    Nah -- I think I'll let him worry.

  2. And I never, EVER spit in public!

  3. Well, Moogie, you're a girl so you're not supposed to (although you are more manly than Andy). ~~
    And Paul, what a man!

  4. Moogie, I doubt that Pepper has one single worry in this arena.

    Jim...funny...reeeeeeeeeeel funny...

  5. Andy, I am realizing that payback is really going to be tough on this one. I have a feeling that you will make certain other of my critics look like Sunday School teachers when you're through with me!

  6. Jim: No sir. I am a Christian, and I do not believe in the Old Testament "eye for an eye" deal.

    But, them Joooz might have been on to something there. Just kidding. You shall never know retribution from me. After all, I'm a chick, and you are 94% male.

    This thing SUCKS!!!!


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