Saturday, July 10, 2010

These pictures suck...

But, I'm gonna post them anyway.

As I was driving back home from Hot Springs this morning, I came across a rugged motorcycle gang.

We had decided to take the MAIN ROAD back home from Hot know, the one with pavement and all.  So, when you head south off I-30 at Hope, you pass through a little town called Lewisville, Arkansas on Hwy 29.

If you don't know it, there is a world famous walk-up barbecue joint there in Lewisville called Burge's.  Hey, I just found out they're on the worldwide computer, too!

Anyway, The Mrs. was asleep in the back seat of the Sable, but I looked over there at Burge's joint, and saw these motorcycles.  It had been raining.  My camera lens was all smudged up evidently from either rain, or frustration when I took these pictures (quietly, so as not to wake The Mrs.).  I started not to post them because they suck!  But, I think you'll get the drift.

Did you know that Volkswagen makes a motorcycle?

(As always, click to look at the pictures real big...even though these suck.)

This here is definitely the perfect rainy day motorcycle.

 I really wonder how much time, money, and love have been poured in to all of these by those folks...

Nyuk!  Dude's got American flags flying, the stars and bars sticker, a fold-down chair seat, a wooden pickup bed in the back, two little air horn dealies on the bottom, and a one gallon gas can strapped to it.  Now, there's you an American...


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  2. I have to agree with commenter #1! Her arguments are beyond dispute.

    Meanwhile, those are neat bikes, Andy!

  3. Steamboat, nyuk! Amazing, ain't it? You turn on Word verification, and the chinks still get ya'...

    I thought they were neat, too.

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  5. One of the things I have always loved about my sport? hobby? obsession? is the sheer diversity of it. You've got choppers, sport bikes, tourers, customs, outlaws, professionals, working class, millionaires, old folks, young folks and everyone in between. And it's rare you encounter a machine that is box-stock. Bikers are tinkerers, almost by definition.

    These things ain't my cup o' tea, but I can appreciate them.

    Oh... and I HATED using the "D" word when describing bikes and bikers. It's been corrupted by misuse and turns my stomach.

    wv: dority. That girl from Kansas who had a psychedelic experience and made a movie about it. She had a lil dog named after a mediocre hair band.

  6. "Steamboat eyed the terrain above and below him nervously. Would his comment be the next to go? Only time would tell..."

    In that very last photo - the li'l red tooty-horn under the front fork has got to go. Or be moved. Or chromed...

  7. Have to go check that out sometime. Didn't realize you were that close to my neck of the woods, I've just started a job in Hot Springs.

  8. Good observation, Buck!

    Steamboat, I don't know what's up with the deleting stuff on this post. But, you're in safe territory. Yeah, the little plastic air horn deals were kinda out of place. But you know those bikers...I'm sure he's workin' on it.

    Dave, yes! If you head through Lewisville, Burge's is a travelers stop tradition on Hwy 29. BTW, they also have one in I believe "The Heights" section of Little Rock that opened back in the mid-70s.

  9. Priceless! Imagination rocks!

    Burge's is my daddy's favorite place in Little Rock -- they do the very best smoked turkeys.

    Have I ever told you that Hot Springs is Pepper's hometown? Man -- it's grown. Next trip, you should try McClard's. Now there's some barbecue!

    I've got to go read about your adventure now.

  10. Having read about your adventure in the Land of Natural Opportunity, I'm almost afraid to add that our property -- in the virgin forest -- awaiting construction of Moogie's Retirement Villa someday, is located near Mt. Ida, AR.

    That's pronounced, "Mount Eye-dee" by the locals.

    The property is situated on a dirt-and-gravel road with little lighting, but it does have underground utilities and fire plugs and fire towers. A fire plug is a "hydrant," to the uninitiated. What a "fire tower" is should be self-evident to anyone who has ever feared a forest fire, but you may not be aware that it's pronounced "far tire" (as distinguishable from "tar fah-er," meaning a pile a discarded automobile tires in the process of incineration).

    Trust me on this one. These are Pepper's favorite Arkansawyer-isms.


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