Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Sunday, and still I got nothin'...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Good Sunday morning at y'all!  I hope you're up, around, and enjoying the day that The Lord hath made!  Go ahead on...REJOICE, and be glad in it!

So, I got nothing.  Again.  Oh, wait!  Here is a cartoon that I stole off Paul Mitchell on The Facebook.

By the way, Paul has a post up over there at his place about struggles with Wordpress.  If any of y'all happen to be Wordpress Einsteins, go over there and see if you might have a hint, or two to drop on the boy.

Since we're all about linkage from here on...just in case you missed it over at Barry The Barbarian's joint, this post truly made me guffaw.  Ann Coulter is appearing at HomoCon.  That ad is just stinkin' hilarious!

Woody has a new poster up.  He's really good with posters and graphics IMHO.

Oh yeah, also on a tip from Mr. Mitchell, the "They be rapin' everybody" dude...

Antoine Dodson gots his own computer page now. You da man, Antoine!  Strike while the iron's hot, pal.

Speaking of being so dumb...really dumb...for real, I just discovered yesterday that The Gooble Translate® has language detection.  I always tried to guess at what the gibberish I was looking at was written in to get a translation.  But, it's right there in the drop box where you select a language.  It says, "Detect Language."    Man, I'm lame.

Boy, aren't you glad you dropped in this morning?  Well, I'm glad you did, anyway.

For real!

I'll probably come up with something interesting later on today.  Probably. Maybe.  Probably not.

Well, anyway, y'all have a blessed Sunday!  Go do a good deed, or something.  Help a neighbor.  Rescue an abused or neglected animal.  Save a whale, or something. 

Man, I'm lame...


  1. The right wing Judy Garland, now that's funny. You're not lame, Andy, that was a good blog post.

  2. You are too kind, Jimbo. Maybe lame is not the correct term. Maybe lacking in originality, or creativity.

    Yeah, that Judy Garland line just slayed me!

  3. HomoCon? For real? You can't make that stuff up, I suppose.

    And the Judy Garland image is priceless. Can't you just envision Liza Minelli singing "Money Makes the World Go Around" as a tribute?

  4. I always tried to guess at what the gibberish I was looking at was written in to get a translation.

    Me too, and I was pretty danged good at it. Except for Slavic languages... those kicked my ass. "Detect" is a relatively new feature, it ain't been up all that long.

  5. Well Buck, I feel much better now. I thought I'd just been missing it since I got on The Gooble Translate.

    Those guys are good...

  6. Thanks for the link, Andy. Later on I read that Ann had come up with the phrase "right wing Judy Garland." When asked if she would accept the homo invitation, she said: "Of course. I am the right wing Judy Garland."

  7. Thanks for the link, and the compliment.


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