Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Ride...

Son #3 has another a new momocycle!

It's a cell phone picture, so it's not really good, but it's a 2003 Harley Road King.  It was originally a popo momo.  A buddy of his told him, "Dude, you change motorcycles like rednecks change underwear...'bout twice a year."

While we're talkin' motorcycles, I was wrong about dang near everything in Satidy's games.  The only thing I called right was a Mizzou win over OU.  Everything else was kaput!  

As to my beloved LSU Tigers, I was actually calling an upset out of loyalty.  I knew the Auburn game would likely be the toughest we'd have this season.  The good news is, though, that next week we only have to play 'Bama!  A 24-17 loss at the hands of a very excellent team like Auburn is nothing to be ashamed of.  But, it wasn't that close.  They doubled us in yardage, and out-clocked us by 5.  Those guys are good.

Auburn faced the toughest defense they will face all season, including if they do make it to the BSCS National Championship game.  And, they racked up 526 yards.  Those guys are good.

I'm not gonna call 'em the best in the nation right now, because if I do they will lose next week to The Smiley Bear Klan.  So, I ain't jinxin' 'em.

Y'all keep a sharp eye on the Louisiana Tech/Boise State game this week.  My Bulldogs played 'em stride for stride last season, and dang near pulled off an upset.  The Broncos might be ripe for one.

Well, that was a pretty boring post, huh?


Yep, it was, Andy!

Well look, y'all have a great what's left of the weekend.  I love y'all!  I mean it...


  1. Auburn is good. Dang, I hate saying that!

  2. My daughter has two moto-cycles. Yesterday was so pretty, she took one for a spin. She bought a ninja-type bike several years ago, but wanted something to ride around our farm too. So last year she bought a bike that looks more like a dirt bike, but is street legal too. She was suppose to sell one or the other, but she hasn't been able to bring herself to do it.

  3. The bike looks pretty cool from what little I could see (hint hint). But it's still a Hardley-Abelson.

    re: Auburn. That Newton kid is fun to watch unless he happens to be playing YOUR team. (That's a generic "your.")

    re: predictions. It's ALWAYS good when a certain team in red and white loses. Certain of your readers will take issue with this. As for me, I just wish I could go back in time a lil bit less than 25 years, just so I could gloat in the office this morning. Think "Tinker AFB."

  4. Yeah Buck, I'm gonna get a mo' better picture of it. That man just loves those dang things!...

    I usually root for The Sooners, but figured they were due for a rough game. Newton is frightening. I'll say it without backing up...He faced the best he's going to on Saturday. Frightening...

  5. Go Bulldogs!

    Although, I am kinda looking forward to seeing Boise and TCU playing in the Championship.

    I hope I correctly guessed which team in red and white you're referencing, Buck!

  6. Well Moogie, Tech has about as much chance of an upset as anybody on Boise's schedule.

    We beat 'Bama a while ago, and occasionally win against SEC opponents. Actually, I think our win over Mississippi State a few years back probably cost Sylvester Croom his job.

    So, it could happen. I hope we at least play well, and don't get blown out.

  7. No, the drubbing we took from The School Up North his final year is what cost Sly Croom his job. Nice enough guy; terrible head coach.


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