Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Y'all gots kwerstchuns? We gots anserz!!!



Some dude from Bellevue, Washington stopped by here a few minutes ago.

I appreciate it...really, I do.

He was looking for some sage advice, and I'll tell y'all what...he came to the right place!

Of course, he was using The Yahoo!/AT&T deal...which means that he is one of the few...the proud...the retarded.

But, he stopped by here anyway, so it MUST be acknowledged that once again, Andy's Place provides a service to mankind.

We only come up at #3 on The Yahoo!/AT&T deal on this search.  But, I'm pretty sure we've got the market cornered on this info.

Just sayin'...


  1. Bellevue is the much-maligned affluent area across Lake Washington from me here in Seattle. It is referred to by the self-proclaimed humble city dwellers in Seattle, with all venemous intent, as "The East Side." Naturally, some well-paid and probably conservative evil being on "The East Side" was looking for ways to live more comfortably with his liberal brethren over here in the enlightened downtown Mecca. Becoming a fat slob seemed, rightly, to be an effective Seattle camouflage.

  2. Andy, thanks man! That explains it!

    I hope we were able hep!


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