Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Blogday To You!!!

Everbidee sing along!

Happy Blog Day To You,
You live in a trailer house,
You look like a terrorist,
And you smell like cigars and beer!

And, many more...

One of our best blog buddies turns 5 years old today.  Heck, that's kinda like 65 in blog years, or something.

Go on over there and hand him his first Social Security Networking Check.


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Buck! And many more!

    (Your sense of rhyme is, um, incredible, Andy! You know why finishing schools teach young ladies to use the word "incredible," don't you? It's to prevent them from saying, "Oh, crap!" Not that free verse isn't an art form, too! ;-D)

  2. Well Moogie, I'll take "incredible" any day from a finishin' skuul gal.

    Actually, it sounded pretty good while I was singing it in my head. If I had a microphone, and some recording/posting software, I'd have sung it out loud, and y'all would have ALL thought it was "incredible."

  3. Why thank ya, Kind Sir! MOST appreciated!

    I dunno what Moogie's on about... I think the poem is perfect. But then I would... ;-)

  4. Of course you would. Happy Hour clears up much confusion, eh?

    No problem, Buck. I read all the comments over at your joint about how folks couldn't remember how they came across your Exile. Nyuk! I remember exactly how I did...well, actually you came across my place (and we've already paid for that real estate), and I'm surely glad you did.


    It has been a real treat, sir. Enjoy the cake, but be sure and pull the plastic cars off before you chomp.

    They're fun to play with...


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