Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An inquiry, and some linky junk...


Okay, here's the deal. I need y'all's help/advice/whatever.  And, I'm gonna trust y'all on this, so keep that in mind.

The hospital where I work is strongly urging all employees to take the flu shot.  Now, it is not required, but strongly urged, and given free of charge.  I have never taken a flu shot before.  My issue is probably unfounded, but I know several folks (older folks) that do not take the flu shot because they claim that they got the flu from it in the past.

Now, I know that all experts say that you can not get the flu from the flu shot...but I don't believe everything I hear.

I certainly do not want to get the flu, and working around a hospital I'm sure I'm exposed to all kinds of junk, but at the same time, I'm not up for risking it, if the experts are wrong.

I certainly don't mind taking shots.  I never have, even as a kid.  In fact, I barely feel the injection.  Seriously.  When I had my first Hep-B injection the nurse told me that this one was gonna really hurt, so I was prepared.  But, if I had not watched her inject me, I would not have even known she had done it.  (Side note:  I've had my second Hep-B shot with no ill effects, so it must have been the Tetanus/Pertussis shot that put me at death's door.  But, I digress).

So!  Help me out!  Do you take the flu shot, and if so, have you ever suffered any ill effects from it?

Now, to the linky junk...

Cowdad sent me a link to a site called "Move Over America."  I did not know that almost every US State has enacted laws requiring motorists to move to the left lane when approaching a law enforcement vehicle on the shoulder.  Of course, it makes good sense to do so, but I was surprised that it is mandatory.  Go over there and mouse over your State.  Some of the fines are hefty!  Check out Arkansas!

This was pretty cute.  I nabbed it off Sully.  This is 20 Ways To Whack Your Boss.  When it starts, and you're finally fed up, click on one of the items in the office that highlights as you cursor over it.  Once the deed is done, you can use the "Cleaner" to hide the evidence, and play again.


There is nothing at all funny about a big wreck, or a traffic jam, but Coffee Bean recounted her experience yesterday on the icy Colorado highways, and it just made me chuckle.  Having driven those roads in such conditions for several years (though on the Western Slope), it was all too familiar.  CB really has a way with a story.

And, let's finish this off with this video. I saw it at Pseudonym's joint. I know it was shot in Louisiana, because the pontoon boat has a Louisiana registration number.  I didn't know a Gator backed up from anything...especially a stinkin' cat.


  1. I used to go to great lengths to avoid flu shots when I was in the AF and usually succeeded. Mainly coz I HATE needles. But I get 'em these days because I'm quite sure the flu could/would kill me, what with my breathing issues. This year's shot hurt for a couple o' days after, tho. And I was warned about that by the medic who shot me up. Just sayin'. I'd get it if'n I were you.

    That is one STOOPID cat. I was waiting for the "CHOMP!"

  2. I've never had a flu shot so I have no insights to contribute. Which is pretty much the same as not talking to you. :)

  3. I paid for a flu shot about 5 years ago, and didn't get sick, but I usually only get sick about once every decade. I haven't had a minor cold in at least a year.
    But, if I worked in a hospital, I'd get the shot, you know there's sick people in hospitals? I'd get inoculated for everything if I worked with Democrats.
    Do you work with Democrats?

  4. I paid for a flu shot about 5 years ago, and didn't get sick, but I usually only get sick about once every decade. I haven't had a minor cold in at least a year.
    But, if I worked in a hospital, I'd get the shot, you know there's sick people in hospitals? I'd get inoculated for everything if I worked with Democrats.
    Do you work with Democrats?

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the insight. So far, no complainers. I think I'll leave this open until tonight just in case I'm about to commit suicide trying to stay healthy.

    Marc, I don't get sick hardly ever, either. In fact, that first round of vaccinations made me sicker than I've been in years. But, I indeed do work with Democrats, though none in my department. However, there is cross-pollination from department to department. So, I'm leaning toward taking it.

  6. The only year I got the flu shot, I got some kind of "cough due to cold" and all the associated symptoms, and it hung around from November to February. Pretty sure the flu shot didn't cause that, but just to be on the safe side, I've never got another one.

    I'd definitely get one if I worked with Democrats. I probably DO work with Democrats but they keep very quiet about it. Heh.

    Is it the usual thing to have your cats and kids and everybody else hanging around in the yard while a couple of large alligators/lizards are right there? Good Lord.

  7. Just going on your past inoculation for TEH GAY, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis, which you got all of, I would say NO! But, I'm speaking only from knowing your medical-shot-getting-sick history from three weeks ago. Remember, I am a doctor.

    As far as TEH FLEW, I have never had it, so I have never gotten the shots. My mother gets the shot every year and then proceeds to get sick as a dog for two weeks. Puking and everything. I tell her every year that getting the flu straight up would probably be quicker to get over and much less painful. Of course, my mother is a woman, so that means she is crazy.

  8. I don't get flu shots because I'm allergic to beef proteins and there's usually some cow-type parts in the serum's ingredients. I've had the flu and it's miserable, but I've also had anaphylaxis and it's no picnic either. My Daddy has COPD and regularly gets the shots with no ill effects.

    And I played that anger management game yesterday and got all 20! I must have unresolved psychotic issues.

    That video is absolutely amazing. Not about the cat so much as the parents letting their pre-teen get that close to gators. Don't they realize how fast those things can move?!?! (Gators, not Louisiana pre-teens!) The cat and Junior could wind up being appetizer and entree in short order! I stole it for Facebook. Another symptom of unresolved psychotic issues.

  9. Hi Andy! Get the flew shot! I worked at a VA clinic right after I retired and there were SICK people there! Just like at a hospital! Really! I've had the flu one time that I remember as an adult (the year I didn't get a shot!) and it sucked! I'm around sick folks a lot too, and I wouldn't take the chance. Besides, you'd be in trouble if you took it home with you.
    The Move Over Law is great. I'm on I-75 a lot on wrecks and fires and such. People are NUTS. Don't have a clue what flashing red and blue lights mean. Don't slow down or nuttin! I've been real close to being hit AFTER the law was passed.
    Matter of fact, there was a firefighter in SC killed this week on I-20 from some fool that didn't slow down. Turned out to be an ill-eagle from Mexico that hit him. Go figger.....
    Note to self: Don't piss off that cat!!

  10. I didn't find the cat so amazing as I found the people walking around while gators were coming inland toward them - as if the cats were protection.

    I have never had a flu shot.

  11. You can't get the flu from flu shots anymore because they no longer use a live virus in the shot. However, public health officials have to guess months in advance what strain will be going around in the winter. Sometimes they guess wrong and viruses mutate. So you could get the shot and still pick up a virus not covered by the shot. Finally advice to people is to try the shot once. If you have an adverse affect then don't get it again. But many people have no problems with the shot so there is no risk for them.

  12. No flu shot because I live in denial. Where on the western slope?

  13. Get the shot!!! Several years back when we lived in Ar-Kansas, I got the flu so bad I thought I was not going to make it... literally crawling from the car to the door after pulling off the highway several times. Dale came home to check on me .. I was freezing and couldn't get warm...He threw about 5 quilts and blankets on me....still freezing. After about a week of misery, I recovered. To this day, I DO NOT MISS GETTING THE FLU SHOT. I don't ever want to experience that again. No side effects here either. Not even a sniffle.


    P.S. Is that Jana's kitty?

  14. Hey y'all! Sorry to be so late getting back around to thank you all for your insight.

    Since we have only one medical professional (Dr. Mitchell) that weighed in, I'm gonna have to go along with you non-medical pro types.

    I really do appreciate the input. I learned a lot, and I think I'm gonna go ahead on and give it a rip. I'll report if anything goes bad, and y'all can be sure to send flowers, and sympathy cards to The Mrs.

    As to the Gators & the kids...that was troubling to me. I am pretty sure those folks WERE NOT from Louisiana. The fellow in the vid didn't sound like a Louisianian, especially not a south Louisianian. Maybe they really don't know just how fast gators move, or perhaps the gators at that fishing camp are fed, and not much of a threat to humans.

    But, I wouldn't trust it with any of my kids. Period. They're still gators.

    Dr. Jill, that is not Jana's kitty. But, I watched Kitty chase two dogs out of my front yard one afternoon. Seriously. They weren't big dogs, but she was having none of those yappin' little mutts.

    Thanks again, everybody. I'm going for it...

  15. I've always been suspicious of flu shots, and heard too many stories (some from family members) of getting a full-blown case of the flu after getting the shot. I've only had the flu maybe twice in the past twenty years, so I just trust to my immune system, take standard precautions during the cold and flu season, and avoid the shot.

    As far as the move-over law, it's a sound idea and I know cops are tired of getting creamed by inattentive idiots in the right lane, but some of those penalties are downright draconian. A hefty fine should be all that is necessary to get people's attention, but jail time? Criminalizing people for a non-aggravated traffic violation? No wonder so many people have little respect for the law and the legislatures that write them.

  16. Diamond Dave, I usually don't re-comment on Andy's Blog, but I do agree with the Jail time. Like I said, It's beyond scary out there at 8:15 at night in the dark on the interstate with folks whizzing by at 80 mph trying to see what's going on. I've been missed by inches! People act like it's such an inconvience to slow down or move over close to the scene of an accident. As far as it being criminal, ask the widow and her children, of the firefighter in SC that was killed on I-20 earlier this week if she thinks it oughta be criminal.
    Not really trying to argue, just an opinion from one who's been there, done that, and goes there every day.

  17. I didn't know you linked to me yesterday! Thanks for that!

    Our son has to get the flu shot because he has asthma and the years he didn't get the shot before he caught it, he was sick for months. Since I take him, I get one too. I have gotten sick after one of them but it was a mild case and it was probably because I'd been exposed prior. One thing to remember where the shots are concerned... they just cover the strains most likely that you'll be exposed to in your area. There is no way to innoculate against all flu every year.

  18. Dave, I've heard the stories, too. Thus my reluctance. I had the flu once when I was about 23 years old, and I thought I would truly have to die to get better.

    Though I haven't had it since, I haven't really been in work situations with a lot of people, and especially sick people. So, I decided to go ahead on and give it a shot...we'll see what happens.

    As to the move over laws, I thought the penalties were pretty hefty myself. But Paul the Fireguy provides the other side of the coin, as a professional who deals with this stuff.

    Anyway...I hope bringing this subject up will make us all more aware of the law, and the risk we run both to ourselves, and the good folks out trying to do their jobs.


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