Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Jeepers, this is getting old.  I swear, this is no less than the 20th time in the last few days that The Gooble Search© has lead some joker to Andy's Place using these same search terms (or very similar), and I'm about to get a case of the reds behind it!

And, every stinkin' one of these folks is either from Massachusetts, or New stinkin' York, or Connecticut, or Maine, or New Hampshire!

Bunch of friggin' impolite, racist yankees!  

Get off my property!


  1. But there are no racists in Yankeeland! How can this be?!?

  2. Bwaahaaahaaahaaa... Thats about two towns over from me.

  3. I'm in New York.....t'wasn't me.
    Idiots abound from everywhere, Andy.
    Frick 'em and the hoss they rode in on.


  4. Moogie...I think Sully, & JW echo what us Southerners have always known. As JW said, frick 'em.

    Sully, and JW, I'm gonna trust that it wasn't y'all. And, please don't stop coming around because I ran the racist yankees off my property!

    Y'all are always welcome, and appreciated guests!

  5. Wow!! Let me know what you are think? Just remember to all that the publics schools up north were more segagated than all the southern schools in the south back in the '60s. I really do dislike people with obvious double standards. Thanks for writing what so many people think.

  6. Anon, I watched as a junior/high schooler as Boston came unglued over busing. While the practice of busing is/was ridiculous, the vitriolic explosion that took place in Boston taught me early on that there is bigotry, and ignorance everywhere.

    It didn't make me feel any better about what had taken place in the South. But, it did open my eyes to the fact that it wasn't just a regional thing. They're everywhere!

  7. Huh... that makes me want to go see what leads people to my blog. Although, not many people read my blog.

  8. When I saw this, my immediate image was of Andy waving a stick on his porch yelling:

    "Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!!"

  9. Nyuk! Yep, I am NOW that old guy that I used to run away from.


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