Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a quick question...


Are we supposed to vote tomorrow?  I think we usually do about this time of year, but I've been watching the TV, and listening to the radio, and reading blogs and junk...

And, I haven't heard anything about it, and I can't seem to find out any information on when it is.


  1. Andy, tomorrow is Tea Party supporter voting only. Be sure to get the word out. Non-Tea Party supporters are supposed to vote Thursday.

  2. Good Lord, here in Colorado I've stopped answering my phone due to all the reminder calls about voting tomorrow!

  3. I'm not picking up the phone, either...these folks are getting desperate!!

  4. Coffee Bean, & Mrs. Who: I get four calls per day from Dr. John Fleming (my US Rep), and Senator David Vitter (actually the last one about 30 minutes ago was from his wife, Wendy) reminding me to go do my civic duty.

    I'm actually thinking that we're coming to the point of "overkill" in the age of information.

    Somebody's gonna figure that out, and strike the right balance. That "somebody" will probably rule the world one day.

    Cosmic, I appreciate the info. I will surely pass along the staggered voting dates. Makes sense to me...I mean, now that voting stretches out for months with absentee ballots, early voting, and all...

  5. You know, we usually vote in Louisiana on a Saturday, so the TEA Party-only balloting makes perfectr sense to me, too.

    And after a day of hiding from my phone, I intend to announce my vote, donations, and unqualified support to the first 2012 candidate who promises to sponsor and manage legislation criminalizing the use of telephones to promote a political candidate -- and then gets it enacted between now and then. Who's with me?

  6. I'm with you, Moogie! In fact, my least favorite Louisiana politician, Foster Campbell, introduced the "do not call" registry in Louisiana long before there was a federal law.

    Even Foster (who I truly dislike for many reasons) tried to make the registry rock solid. But, the best he could get was just for politicians and non-profits were exempt.

    So, we MUST suffer through this every couple of years. Maybe the best thing we could do is to inform our favored candidates that it bugs the hell out of us, and we will NOT vote for them, or send them contributions if we receive EVEN ONE robocall.

    Probably won't work...but it's worth a shot.

  7. Andy, this year because of the expectation of really high voting turnout, the er, "voting authorities" have decided that all Republicans and independents will be voting on 2 November and Democrats will be voting on 4 November, can you pass this on?

  8. NO one calls me... about politics. Professionally. Cell phones are exempt from ALL sales calls and I don't have a land-line.

    I (heart) tek-nowl-eegee.

  9. Buck, I don't have a land line either. But, I forgot to exempt my new cell phone by registering on the don't call list.

    I shall do it right now.

  10. To answer your question, yes, there is an election. It's such a big deal, the voting is spread over two days. Those voting Republican vote Tuesday. Those voting Democrat are voting on Wednesday.

  11. Every call I've gotten from the NRCC or any other inside the beltway organization asking for my money has gotten the same message. When Republicans return to conservative principles, I'll return to donating money to them. Not until. Period. Don't bother calling me until then. When they get all hysterical about how we need to stop Obama, I tell them that I donate directly to key races instead of watching them donate my money to lost causes in the elitist Republican inner circle. Then I tell them that every time a ranking Republican slams Sarah Palin or the Tea Party, that's six months guaranteed that they'll not see a penny from me.

  12. Basil: Thanks for the info. I went ahead on and voted today even though I'm not a Republican.

    Cosmic: Good retort.


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