Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Since all the cool kids are doin' it...

My election day predictions.

I started not to do this, because I am almost ALWAYS wrong in making any kind of prediction.  But, I was 5 out of 6 picking last Satiday's College Games, so maybe I'm on a roll.

Probably not, but here goes.

Republicans gain 70 seats in The House.

Republicans gain nine eight seats in The Senate.

Harry Reid will be beaten, but will challenge the results, and the courts will hand him a win eventually. (Thus the eight gains instead of nine).

I'm not picking the Goober races, because I haven't followed them closely.  But, Jerry Brown will probably be elected in California, because California is way screwed, and full of way screwy voters.  I think Tancredo might pull off an upset win in Colorado, but I really don't know.

Of general local/Louisiana interest...

Cedric Glover (D) remains Mayor of Shreveport...probably by 5 to 7 points.

Dr. John Fleming (R) holds his House Seat handily.

David Vitter (R) trounces Charlie Melancon by 15 points, retaining his Senate seat.

To the chagrin of Moon Griffon, Jay Dardenne (RINO - Baton Rouge) will handily win the Lieutenant Goober race.

I can't call the Cao (R)/Richmond (Dumbass) race in New Orleans, because I don't know enough about the race.  But Cedric Richmond is a Democrat that is a criminal.  But, I repeat myself.

All Constitutional Amendments in Louisiana will pass, because they always do.

That's it!  We'll know tomorrow where we stand.


  1. oh, the internet is still functioning? how lovely.

    9 & 70.

    minimum. could be more.. pissed off people show up to vote. Tired people stay home.

  2. Ced Richmond is a criminal Democrat who is also a criminal. OR will be in short order.

    I've had phone conversations with Cao's staff and robo machine about 90-thirteen times the last 2 days, but I'm hoping for him to hold his seat anyway so I can start pressuring him to criminalize robo-calls.

    Better Dardenne than that bizarre uber-lib Fayard chick.

    Gonna be a popcorn kind of night!

  3. I'm not so sure about Dardenne, if there is an upset that will be it. I think you're dead-on about Cedric with 5-7 points.
    I hope Cao can pull it off, don't think so.
    Fleming yes.
    Vitter will stick it out, wait, rephrase - he will be reelected. .

  4. marc: I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I really appreciate your interest in US politics. It means a lot that our conservative Canadian brethren have concern for us. Really, it does.

    Moogie: I have two bags of Pop Weaver's set aside for 7:00 pm Central.

    Jim: Somehow I knew that you would not resist going there with David.


  5. Dang. Now I have to go to the store coz there's no popcorn in the cupboard. We DO have lotsa beer stocked, tho. Mebbe we'll just bypass the popcorn. Coz we have the essentials.


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