Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Night, Y'all!!!


  1. Sitting here waiting for 8PM.

  2. Inno, and Jim...eat some popcorn.

    It's brain food, ya' know.

  3. It also is "stuck between my teef pizzin' me off" food.

  4. Why don't you like Bobby 'stinken' Jendal?

    just curious.


    P.S. yes, i'm everywhere! HA!

  5. Nyuk!

    Hey J.W., I'll spend some time 'splaining it...but right now I'm eating popcorn, and enjoying the TV for once.

    The short of it is that he's a big old fake...actually a little skinny fake. Talks a big conservative, but governs like a lib...campaigns for Republicans all over the nation, but won't endorse NOT EVEN ONE here in Louisiana.

    Honestly, I think Kathleen Blanco was a better Governor than Jindal. I'll elaborate soon, since you asked.

  6. Wow! Really? Appreciated, and your further insight on this is appreciated. Thanks.


  7. Ditto on Jindal. He's just a bundle of ambition.

  8. Maybe on the policy thing about Jindal. But, Blanco was better? No way.

  9. Moogie, I know what you lived through with Kathleen's incompetence during Katrina. And, I know that memories die hard.

    But with Kathleen BlankCheck, at least we had a real human being. Sure, she had many "politician" ways. And, she made many bad calls. But, she did not present herself as something that she was not (in my humble opinion) while governing.

    At least we knew what we were dealing with.

    With Campaign Bobby, we've had nothing but the same old same old shrouded in deep deception. Bobby can run around the country "talking." And, the boy can surely "talk." But honestly, the guy has NEVER accomplished anything...at least not anything he says that he stands for.

    Jim is right. Jindal is "a bundle of ambition." I can not tell you just how disappointed I have been to watch Bobby govern. Perhaps it is because I expected so little of Kathleen, and SO MUCH of Bobby...and that my viewpoint is skewed by my expectations. It could be that.

    But, I have NEVER regretted a vote any more than I do my vote for Jindal. I voted for him twice...even when he lost the first time.

    But, he's got the nation fooled. The Republican base thinks he's just peachy. As far as I'm concerned, they can have him! Michael Steele is probably gonna get the boot soon, and Bobby will likely lobby to head the RNC.

    Can't happen quick enough as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it's probably the perfect job for Jindal. Talking a good game is what is called for in that job.

    But, I'd warn the RNC...Jindal is a genius...but he is also a control freak. And, if ANYBODY tries to even think about questioning him...well...Mr. Humble becomes vindictive. EXTREMELY vindictive.

    No grace! So yeah, I'll go with Kathleen as a better Governor. At least a better human.


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