Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post election thoughts (just typing out loud here)...


I wonder what all those Dimocrap "Superdelegates" that robbed my man Hillary of her rightful office as President of the Democrats, and sent ObozO to the general election are thinking right now.  And, I wonder how many of them are looking for work this morning.

Reckon there's any "buyer's remorse?"

I called 70 & 8.  Wrong.  More like 65 & maybe 6.

*  A lot of damage can be done in two years.  We'll not likely repeal the HealthCare fiasco.  And, we're stuck with two more commie morons on the Supreme Court for decades.  If we ever recover from the last two years, it'll be after I'm dead and gone.

I wonder if Republicans will filibuster Judges.  Probably not.

I've got to look at Harry Reid's ugly mug for six more years.

*  But, I'd rather look at Harry's ugly mug than Schumer's.

*  Nikki Haley is hot.

*  Yesterday I heard John McCain on the radio say that he felt bad that Russ Feingold would likely lose his Senate seat.  John, you're a hero.  But, would you please just shut up.


Blanche Lincoln supported ObozO's initiatives against the will of Arkansans.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  But, the damage is already done.  Thanks, Blanche.  Have a good life.

*  Marco Rubio's wife is hot.

*  Cedric Glover gained 7 pounds last week.  Be careful, darlin'...Big Ced's on a binge. 

*  Has anyone ever won a write-in campaign for high office?  Alaskans are definitely an unusual bunch.

*  Back to work...


  1. Strom Thurmond won a write-in, but no one else come to mind.

  2. Was an interesting election, no big surprises. You called the Lt. Governor's race correctly, Dardenne won bigger than I thought he would.
    I think Wooley's campaign was one of the worst I've ever seen, they did everything wrong.
    Hated to see Cao get trounced so badly - wasn't even close.
    Onward and Upward!

  3. Yeah Jim, I didn't mention the Cao loss. Man...I knew he would likely be a one termer when he was elected. But WOW! Well, no Vietnamese in Congress.

    I wonder if the voters in 2 realize that they just dropped about 70 IQ points in representation, and sent a thieving freshman to the minority? I'm sure they don't care.

  4. I try to tell myself it ain't so bad... we took back the House and picked up six in the Senate. And then I see the gloating faces of Boxer and Reid and want to break something. There's a LOT of dumb-asses in CA and NV. But I knew that...

  5. I wonder if I could keep my house but designate my domicile in another district so I don't have to vote here. There just has to be some unwritten mandate that NOLA is requires to send an unethical, criminal career politician to Congress. Cedric Richmond bu a landslide. Geez.

    Yep -- ol' Blanche reaped what she sowed.

    Fancy Nancy has lost her bully pulpit (and bullwhip)! That makes me a very, very happy girl! Not delirious, mind you -- delirious would've required Reid and Boxer to go down, too.

    Marco's pretty easy on the eyes, too.

    Aren't you glad you don't have to live in California with Jerry Brown as Gov and no legal marijuana?!?!

  6. Well, if Marco and maybe Paul Ryan ran for POTUS and VPOTUS, I'd watch a heck of a lot of presidential addresses. Just sayin'.

    They is not hard to look at.

  7. Staci, there is no doubt that the Republicans definitely have the best looking faces out there...the guys, and the chicks.

    It's probably because they're all rich, and pampered, and don't have to work for a living.

  8. Andy, sounds like Staci is stalking the Ryans and Rubios...

  9. Well, it just goes to show that she is a real chick that likes dudes, unlike the lesbos in the Democrat party that stalk Patty Murray, and Barbara McCulskey.

  10. LOL.

    I too was thinking about doing a post-election day boner post: "Who's hotter, Marco Rubio's wife, Rand Paul's wife, Kristi Noem or Niki Haley?"

    Then I saw Martha McCallum and forgot all about it...

  11. Then I saw Martha McCallum and forgot all about it...



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