Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Magonna' be real busy...


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I don't think I've mentioned that The Mrs. is taking off on Thursday for North Carolina to spend the weekend with #1 son before he deploys to Iraq in a few weeks.  But, she is.

So, I'm gonna be Mom & Pop, and have to handle my business myself for about a week.  Which is all good.  I had my plan best laid (being a man, not a mouse), but as we all know, they often go goofy.

My boss at my part-time job called me this morning, and asked if my part-time job could become a full time job, at least temporarily.  Seems that I'm doing okay there, and well...it's a long story.  The short of it is that he's asked me to take on full-time work starting today, if I wanted it.

I told him that I would.  He's a heckuva good guy, and I know he's in a bind for people that will show up, and do a passable job without bitching about everything.  Plus, I like the job.  I like it a lot.  When I took it, I really didn't know that I'd be mixing with so many great people, and actually being able to help folks.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how much that is helping me personally.

I guess that's what I need right now...being around people...and feeling useful.  It's a good fit, so it looks like I'll be very occupied.  At least for a while.  So, if you don't hear from me, don't worry.  I'm around here, and I'll drop some updates about The Mrs. trip, and try to finally get to Sunday Morning Quarterback™ (I mean, from last Sunday...it might have to wait until Saturday which is going to be my only day off, but I'll get to it).

Ya' know, I've been pondering why I've sort of lost my steam for Sunday Morning Quarterback™ , and why it sucks more than it did in previous seasons.  And, I think I've come to a few conclusions.  #1)  LSU is pretty dang good this season, and it's hard to be frustrated with your team when they might go 11-1.  #2)  Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino aren't around to make fun of anymore.  #3)  Notre Dame fans have finally abandoned the silly idea that they will ever be a national power again, and will just be happy with a break even season against a cream puff schedule.  #4)  It is now expected that USC & Texas will lose regularly, so laughing deliriously at their losses is just not all that much fun anymore.  #5)  SMQ™ never was that good anyway, and now I realize it.

But, I'm gonna try to get to it anyway on Saturday.

Plus, I need to tell y'all about some other good junk, and I'll try to.  Or not.

Anyway, y'all don't give up on Andy's Place.  Keep the faith!  Hang in there!  I'll be in and out, and reading y'all's stuff when I have time, and commenting.  But, if I don't post anything, or don't comment for a while, it don't mean that I don't love y'all.

'Cause I love all y'all!  I mean it.


  1. Notre Dame fans have finally abandoned the silly idea that they will ever be a national power again, and will just be happy with a break even season against a cream puff schedule.

    That is beneath comment. ;-)

  2. Thanks Woman!

    Buck, I just had to...

  3. Don't worry about that LSU going 11-1 thing. We'll take care of it for you! ;-)

    Yay for Mrs. Andy and #1! I wish them both Godspeed.

    Enjoy your work -- we'll leave a light on.

  4. Moogie, I have a friend who is a big Hawg fan, in fact they have season tickets and go up to Fayetteville for every game.
    She told me today that they were already checking on rooms in NOLA for the Sugar Bowl.
    Bless y'alls hearts! You just don't have faith in the Mad Hatter!


    There is only one post series that I link regularly and that is SMQ. Quit being so danged selfish and post, boy.

  6. I know how it can get busy - so write when you can; send money when you can't.

  7. I'll keep your son in my prayers! And good for you!!!

  8. Whew! After the jokes about the economy, I'm relieved to hear you have a day job.

  9. Nyuk! Thanks to you all for your kind wishes for my eldest son, and traveling mercies for The Mrs.

    Moogie, the Hawg game will be the only one that might keep us from going 11-1. But, our defense gets more better weekly. And, our offense has become respectable. The heck of it is that we'll likely be 11-1, and not even play the SEC Championship game.


    Lou, you'll have to wait on your check until next Friday.

    BR, Nyuk!

    CB, your prayers are coveted, and appreciated.

    Paul, why do I always feel like the retarded child that gets patted on the head and told how good he did with his fingerpaints when you say junk like that? But, it is appreciated, my friend. Truly it is.

    Jimbo: Arkansas...Sugar Bowl...Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


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