Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ole Miss might fall for this.

Stolen off The Mayor. In fact, this entire post is stolen directly from The Mayor, word for word (almost).

There was one minute to go in the game and The Mayor’s team was down by six. The ref just finished marking off five yards on the defense when The Mayor – quarterback Mayor, that is – leaned over and yelled at the center that the ref was going to mark off five more yards. The Mayor then told the center to give him the ball – ”hiking it” in football lingo – technically starting the play. The Mayor then started to walk off the yards – as cool as a cucumber on a crisp autumn day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – and once he passed by the defensive line, he ran like diarrhea coming down the leg of a tourist at an all you can burrito cart in Tijuana.

And that was the day The Mayor became a man. Well, technically The Mayor became a man three days later with Julie the slutty cheerleader after they played “Ether and rag meet cheerleader’s face,” but I digress…

Les, are you watching? Les? Les?


  1. My son-in-law to be sent this to me yesterday! Hysterical! Gotta LOVE IT!!!

  2. I got it in the mail this morning, too. But The Mayor's supporting narrative is ultra-cool.

  3. Yeah, I guess this one is making a pretty good little splash on the net.

    But, few can break a play down like The Mayor when he's on his game.

  4. Take a cute little trick play and turn it into a post with something sure to insult just about everybody. Sounds like my kind of site.

  5. Helluva trick play! Was it deemed legal?

    Wait...what? Was I supposed to be offended by the commentary?

    Dayum, I missed it if I was. Hah!


  6. Inno, The Mayor's blog was probably the fourth one I began to read faithfully when I discovered blogs. Well worth a visit.

    jw: I don't know if it was ruled legal or not. But looking at this, I think it probably was.


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