Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Okay...I didn't make no bet or nothing...


...but, after running my mouth (rather my fingers) in the week ahead of last Saturday's game against The Stinkin' Hawgz of Arkansas...

I figure I should take a little butt-whuppin'.

I don't have time to make a full-fledged, in-depth post of of this.  So, let's just do this.  In respect to the fabulous effort put out by the Hawgz, and affection for our Blog friends, MoogieP, Dr. Jill, and DeAnna...Hawg fans, one and all (but otherwise stellar human beings), this here will be my desktop wallpaper for the next two weeks.

The picture is not so great, because it's a cellular telephone shot.  (The Mrs. left the good camera at Mom and Daddy's house over the weekend).

But, it'll do.


  1. I had to do extra push-ups in my exercise class for being an OSU fan, but it was worth it. There was no way I was gonna say I was an OU fan just to get out of a few extra push-ups. I'm just glad I didn't agree to wear their colors. Good on you for your hog saver.

  2. Dang. You GOTS some icons, Andy!

  3. Dang. You GOTS some icons, Andy!

    Buck, you gotta remember that I run two binisses off this machine, plus a world renowned blog.

    Plus, I'm too lazy to go looking for files I use all the time. My brain can remember "desktop" much easier than anything else, so that's where most stuff gets stashed.

    Lou, I can't do a pushup. Oh well, I probably could, but would need a couple of weeks in between sessions.

  4. GO HOGS GO!

    What can I say? I love them ;-)

  5. Ahhh. Victory is sweet, and Hogs is gorgeous! Good on ya, Andy!! Penance is acceptable and accepted.

    Care to join him, Jim? Nah -- your (sort of) congratulations over at my house will do. Mostly.

    Wooo Pig and, **choke**, War Eagle.

  6. This is awesome. I remember when Gibsons rana paper towel special and you could get a roll for ten cent with a Razor Hawg on it. We got like ten million of them.

    I like the new photo of you using the pad sander on your head.

  7. TD, I remember Gibsons, and we were awful close to Hawg country. In fact, Hawg fans were as abundant as Tiger fans back in the day before the SWC went belly-up. I remember the toilet paper, but I don't remember the paper towels, though.

    Glad you like the new photo. Now I'm waiting for Mitch to run a "Retards that cut their own hair week."

    Jimbo, I gotta. I just gotta. Self-abasement is often the way to personal growth. Of course, the "shift," "period," "comma," and "caps lock" keys quit working after I changed my wallpaper to this...but three restarts, and squirting some toothpaste in the E drive fixed 'er right up!

    Red, you truly are living in enemy territory if you love the Hawgz. Oh wait! I'm thinking 20 years ago. You should be okay...

    Moogie, **choke**, War Eagle. Yeah...I'm choking on it too...but if the Head Ball Corch screws the SEC out of the big game, well...I just don't know what I'll do. I don't EVEN want to think about it.

    Of course, "The Big Game" really is Satidy...but you know what I mean.

  8. Nice Andy! I like it!


  9. Wooooo PiG.... Purdy Pig! :)


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