Wednesday, December 29, 2010

21 years ago today!


#3 son hit the ground.  He was an "income tax baby."  Because all the boys were C-sectioned into this world, we could kinda pick a date (within limits, of course).  The Doc asked, "You want to wait until after the first of the year?"

Stupid question.

The Mrs. had said, "I know this pregnancy is a sign from God.  I just know there's hope, and that we're going to make it.  He wouldn't be giving us this child if He didn't know we're going to be okay."

She was right.

We were okay.  And, what a blessing that boy man has been to us all.  I often ponder just how much we'd have missed had he not come along...especially when he did in the scheme of things.

Happy Birthday, son.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Son #3! And maany mooore... ;-D

  2. Happy Birthday to Phil... and congrats to you and Pam, Andy.

  3. Happy Birthday to your handsome son #3. Today is my mom's birthday and tomorrow is my grandbaby's birthday. As I celebrate those days, I will think of your son too.

  4. That's a fine looking young man there, Andy! You have every right to be proud.

  5. What an awesome son! Congratulations, and Happy Birthday!


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