Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So, y'all tell me...


Is this blinking? I know it blinks using Firefox. But, if it's not blinking for you, please tell me what browser you're using.  This is very, very important information that I MUST know.

Inno showed me how to make junk blink (thanks a gozillion, Inno), and I just had to try it.  I don't really think I'll need it much.  In fact, I probably won't EVER use it, but I REALLY, REALLY need to know what browsers it doesn't blink on.


Hey, I wonder if I can make a picture blink?  Let me see if I can make Corch Bryant blink...

Nope, I reckon not.  

But, I can make words blink!  Thanks, Inno!  This is WAY, WAY, WAY COOL!

Well, that's all! Thank y'all for stopping by!  Come again!

Nyuk! Thanks, Inno! Really, thanks! Thanks!!!


  1. Didn''t blink for me. Internet Explorer. I know, now you're all discappointed. :(

  2. Can't win a starin' contest with Burr Bryant. He don't blink for nothing.

  3. It doesn't blink for me in IE8 or Chrome. Maybe it is just a FF hack?

  4. Yeah, probably. But, it sure is cool in Firefox.

  5. I use FF and find this "feature" obnoxious. I'm glad you won't have much occasion to use it. ;-)

  6. No blink blink or bling bling. Then again, I still operate from dinosaur dial-up.

  7. No blinking on Safari either! DeAnna

  8. No blinking on Safari either! DeAnna

  9. Internet explorer: no blinks.

  10. Okay, so the results are in:

    You can only see the blinking words if you use Firefox. (As a side note, I thought EVERYBODY used Firefox.)

    And, the ONE of you that does use Firefox thinks the feature sucks, and should be disabled.

    So, what to do....what to do? Okay, ALL OF Y'ALL must switch to using Firefox. It is a superior browser anyway, and if I really, really, really need to post something with blinking words you'll be able to see them blink.

    So y'all go ahead on and make the switch. Problem solved.


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