Friday, December 31, 2010

It's "Amateur Night!"


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

The occasional drinkers, and annual road hazards will be out in force tonight.  And, we can't afford to lose not ONE of our 13 visitors.  So, y'all get on in the barn early tonight...Okay?

I've got to work at the hospital until 2230, so maybe the ER won't be full up with drunks, and auto wreck victims before I get home.  I hope...

I once made a cop friend chuckle when I called New Years Eve, "Amateur Night."  He laughed and said, "Ain't it the damn truth!  A bunch of amateur drunks are gonna be out there tonight.  I swear, those people give REAL alcoholics like me a bad name!"

Just a thought on New Year's Eve...

So, y'all be safe.  I love y'all!

Happy New Year!

Hey, two big anniversaries come up tomorrow, and I'll be telling y'all about 'em, too.

Later,  Andy


  1. "Amateurs"

    that's beautiful... :)

    Have a safe and happy night with the family y'all.

  2. My father was the first guy I ever heard use the "amateurs" line. It's served me well all my life.

    We'll be stayin' in tonight and listenin' to Ol' George.

  3. Hope all is quiet on the western front at the horspittle tonight Andy. I'll be doing the same as Buck; staying home and being safe, only my George will either be Jones or Strait!

  4. Hope you made it home safely tonight! Happy New Years to you and yours!

  5. Hey y'all! In the barn safe and sound. Spotted some drunks on the road home, but only had two in the ER, and one OD when I left at 2130.

    Actually fewer than usual.

    Deb, I knew there was something I liked about you. Strait fan here. Jones not so much...can tolerate only so history with the biz, and...well, it's a long story. But gimme some Strait any time!


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