Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey, do y'all realize it'll be a thousand years before it's 1/1/11 again?


Ain't that somethin'!  I just realized how rare a day 1-1-11 is!  Shazzaaam!

There are some big, important things about today, too.  First off, it's my blogiversary!  Yessir, Andy's Place™ is three years old today!

Happy Blogday to me!

That ain't really me in the picture, but my name is "Andrew," and I'm pretty sure this "Drew" kid is probably named "Andrew," so it's close enough.  Plus, he's cute, and he reminds me of my oldest son when he was three.  So, it's close enough.

Ya' know, I developed a formula a while back.  3 years in blog years is like 39 in human years.  So, I'm just now hitting my stride as an adult.  Can't y'all tell that the level of maturity around here has spiked WAY up the last 6 months or so?

I figured you could.

And lookit!  The Mayor is 78 today, too! Yes indeed, His Honor has been crankin' out hilarity, and selling Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Dolls, and memberships to Muslim dating sites, and Ab-reducers for 6 whole years today.

Is that a coincidence, or what???  I mean, me and The Mayor having the same blogday! Happy blogday, ya' old fart!

Crud!  After I wrote all that out, I went back into the archives to pull up an old post, and just discovered that this is NOT our blogiversary.  Tomorrow is.  I knew it was somewhere around New Year's Day...crud!  But y'all can go ahead on and tell me how much you love and appreciate our work here, because I'm not going back and changing it.

While I'm all about love and appreciation, let me take this opportunity to tell each and every one of y'all how much I appreciate you stopping by.  I really do.  When I look back through the archives, I see months and months of "tumbleweed posts."  Ya' know, posts that you work hard on, and never received any comment.  It was that way for a long, long time.  It means a lot to a blogger that other folks take the time to drop by their joint and see what's shaking in their cranium.  It really does.  Some special thanks must go to the guy with Nekkid Redneck Chicks, my potty-mouthed brudduh, Two Dogs (who helped me in a bazillion ways) Cosmic & Dadman (who inspired me to build this Titanic in the first place)...Staci...and Buck (who made me a better commentor, and encourager of other bloggers).

See, there's your trouble.  You go to naming folks, and you're gonna leave a bunch of folks out.  Sigh.

Really, there are dozens of others to thank.  And you know who you THANKEE!

Walt was our first commentor, and first "regular contributor," btw.  Dr. Jill, Cowdad, PeaGreen, Paul the Fireguy, Big Tony, and so many others help me out by feeding me good junk.

It's really been a wonderful 39 years here with y'all.  Really.  Even if today is NOT our blogiversary, I still mean it.

Now, a REAL anniversary.  I wrote this post last year on New Year's Day, so there's no reason to write it again.  Just go look at it if you want to, or not if you don't.

Well, Happy New Year, y'all!  I thought about doing one of those heartwarming deals where you list a bunch of blessings you bless folks with, but then I thought, "nah, if I wrote it, it would suck," so y'all just get a "Happy 2011" out of me.  It'll have to do.  

Okay, I gotta go get ready to look at some college football.  A couple of pretty good games are on today, finally.  Y'all have a blessed & joyous day in the Lord!  Do it for me.  C'mon, you know you can...


  1. A Happy New Year to you too Andy. And a Happy Blog Anniversay to you. As always you're entertaining.

  2. Happy blogoversary and many happy returns of the day, etc.
    I'm about a blog month older than you, my first post was on 12-2-07.
    Ain't it fun?

  3. Thanks, Deb!

    Jimbo, indeed it is! My goodness, what an unexpected kick it's been! If you're a month ahead, that's like a whole year in human years, ya' old fart!

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours, Andy!

    I'm glad to count you among my friends in this here blogoverse.

  5. Happy New Year, Andy and the Fambly! I hope 2011 treats you better than ever.

  6. A blinkin' Happy Blogday to you, Andy. And happy anniversary to those special, special folks of yours. You are a blessed man in so many ways.

  7. You almost make me want to start globbing again. Thanks for the acknowledgment and Happy Blogversary to you!!

    BTW, I think we'll see 1/1/11 again on January 1st, 2111, a mere 100 years from now. We should meet for lunch... ;>)

  8. Dadman, it's a date. I was wondering who was going to bring up my miscue.

    After I posted this I thought about the hundred year thing as opposed to the thousand year thing.

    I left out the "0" deal, though.

    Technically, 2111 is right. I should have taken it to 3 digits.

    Regardless, we're having lunch on either day. And, Bart is buying. He's rich.

    And, start globbing again! I miss your work. But, only if you want to...

    Hey, I'm gonna start your "Name That Tune" deal here for our 13 visitors, if I can get your permission. I think they'd love it.

  9. Heh...I suppose I should just ignore miscues cuz I make enough of them myself...and sometimes on purpose!

    Feel free to play 'Name That Tune' all you want. I didn't even invent it.

    Will you be rewarding winners with Moon Pies? If you do, be warned Moon Pies can be expensive, especially when you're shipping them all over creation. ;>)

  10. Thanks, Dadman! Are you sure you didn't invent "Name That Tune?"

    I am not going to use your prize, though. Even though I ship stuff almost every day and get a discount, I've found that Moon Pies don't ship so well.

    Nope! I've got me a special virtual award I'm working on. It's gonna be real good, too. I mean, like a coveted virtual prize! But, keep it under your hat. I don't want EVERYBODY knowing what's cookin'.

    Man! I'm excited now! This is gonna be fun. Trust me, it will. Probably...maybe...probably not...

    Anyway, thanks for the permission and all.

  11. Happy Blogiversary! 39 is so young.

  12. Happy Anniversary to the Andy's Mama and Deddy. If my math is right, it is 56 years since those kids went off and got in trouble. Best to them.

    Merry New Year and here's to your Third, 'drew.

  13. Yeah, it'll be a long time til it's 1/1/11 again, but it'll be 1/11/11 in a little more than a week...

  14. Thanks Lou!

    TD, it is indeed 56 years. Man, I've really been blessed with them in my life. Can't say it enough.

    Cosmic, just think! Next Veteran's Day it'll be...well, you know.

  15. Happy Blogday! Did you know that in November we'll have 2 MORE cool dates!! That's 3 in 1 year. 11/1/11 and 11/11/11! I guess when I'm tired I think of wierd stuff. Anyway, Happy New Year to you, Ms. Andy, all the jr. Andy's and everyone who reads the Famous "Blogo De' Andy!"
    Paul the Fireguy

  16. 21 in dog years, eh.

    VN, Andy. Here's to another 21 dog blog years!


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