Thursday, December 16, 2010

Okay, so I started this post two days ago...


Yep!  Two days ago, I finally got two minutes to rub together to start telling y'all about all the important junk going on here at Andy's Place.

And, it's REAL IMPORTANT junk, too.  REALLY!

So, I started this post.  But the junky team of oxen we call  life just kept dropping turds...and I've managed to hit every one in the pasture.  Obviously.

Work junk:  In those two days off I've been called in to work on short notice, because my boss is suffering from the influenza deal.  Man...I'm glad I broke down and got the influenza shot.  I'm feeling fine, and it feels good to be able to step in and help.  Even though I'm technically "new" on the job, there are others that are "way new," and it feels really good to be able to help them along.  Really good.  In a lot of ways it's like the blind leading the blind, but it is kind of cool to sort of feel your way along with some young folks with high hopes.  So, it's all good.

Personal junk:  I decided NOT to unload all the junk on y'all, but since y'all are my friends I think I should tell y'all a little bit.  A few days before Thanksgiving, one of my adult sons experienced quite a traumatic event in his still young life.  It caused great pain to him, and to many others.  There were many hours (day and night) that required parental love.  Heck, that's what we're here for, huh?  I mean, they didn't ask to be born after all.

Said son is still not out of the basement yet, and likely will not be for a good long while.  But, he's climbing up the stairs, however slowly.

Eldest son was scheduled to deploy to Iraq on Dec. 12.  (I had told y'all about that, and so much appreciate all of y'all's prayers for the man).  In a very odd way I was excited about that.  And he was, too.  He had been through some intensive training at Ft. Bragg getting ready for his chance to really get in the mix and make a difference.

Months of man-hours, and no telling how many taxpayer dollars went in to getting him ready.  But he did not deploy.  Nope!  He's back in Omaha, Nebraska.  His miserable, worthless, black hole of a (yes...still) wife decided to throw a shoe just a few days before his deployment, and he got sent back to Offutt to "get this taken care of."  It's too long a story to tell y'all, but a lot of y'all know the details already anyway.  Suffice it to say that it's his own dang fault for not closing the books on the witch years ago.  He's lucky to be so dang smart, and have the skills he does...or he'd be out on the street right now...the AF has gone MORE than the extra mile with him. ( I mean, with his wife...but with him, too, because he hasn't dumped the miserable waste of oxygen yet).  I mean, it's like a very bad Saturday Night Live episode of "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave."

Hopefully, her last attempt at making miserable, and ruining everyone that ever gave a damn about her will result in some VERY good in the long run.  We'll see.

Anyway...I've got a couple of sons really "hurting."  And, when the chirrens hurt, Mom and Dad do, too.  So, it's been a very trying time around here.

Hey!  Lookit...

Since I am finally, REALLY, REALLY "OFF" for a day, I got my The G-Mail Box cleaned out for the first time since I've had it.  I didn't reply to every one of the 87 computer letters still in there, but I did finally wade through and get down to zip.  (And, that The G-Mail box gets junk forwarded from my personal e-mail, my business e-mail, my Daddy's business e-mail, my blog e-mail address, 'er all cleaned out!)

I'm good.

I saved a bunch of good pictures, and cartoons, and jokes.  Sorry if I didn't reply to yours.  Nothing me.  But, look for them to appear on a blog near you.


Kinda' like now:

I don't really remember right now who sent me that one, but I think it was Dr. Jill.

Speakin' of...I got my FIRST Christmas package in the mail the other day from anybody.  Yep!  Dr. Jill dun sont me a package by the United States Postal Service. 

I was excited.

Last year, she sent me a hand-knitted afghan that she hand-made with LSU Tiger colors!

Well, I was excited as all get-out when her 2010 Christmas present arrived via the United States Postal Service. 

This was it:

Yep!  Some individually wrapped butter mints, wrapped in Klan packaging.  Thanks, Dr. Jill!

At least you put out the effort (unlike all 12 of the rest of y'all, whom I have not received nothin' from yet).

 And, this computer letter here came from Cowdad.  I really shouldn't post it.


Two magazines, Country Living (95.99% white readership) and Ebony /Jet (99.99% black readership) did surveys on "WHAT DO PEOPLE FEAR MOST?"

The results were interesting, to say the least...

Country Living magazine's top three answers were:

1. Nuclear war/terrorist attack in U.S
2. Child/spouse dying
3. Terminal illness

Ebony / Jet magazine's top three answers were:

1. Ghosts
2. Dogs
3. Registered mail

 Indeed it is!  Be ashamed, Cowdad...

Well, I'm trying to think of anything else important to tell y'all about, but I think that's about it.  

Oh yeah...The Mrs. made up two recipes of "Sugared Pecans," and "Cajun Spiced Pecans."  We're sending a package of each to Dr. Jill, and to Patrick Conlon in Oregon (Pam has a crush on him...because he raises chickens, I think).

Well, that's about it.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, wait a minute.  I've had this other picture of a "Bacon Nativity" deal that I didn't know whether it was sacrilegious  (heck, I'm gonna quit trying to spell that word...I've tried 6 times now and the red line is still under it, so figure it out) or not.

I can't remember who sent it to me, but if you did,  you're probably going to hell when you die.  Probably not.

And, let's see what else I need to show y'all that I have saved on the Desktop.  Hang on...

Hang on...

Nope!  That's about it.


  1. Andy, sorry to hear about your boys. Nothing hurts like seeing your kids have problems. Hopefully all will work out for the best.
    As for the bacon nativity, that is going on my Facebook page, thank you very much!

  2. WOW. This is a tour de force of a catch-up post!

    I'm glad things have settled down for you and yours, Andy. Now you just need to gird up for Holidays, Part II.

    re: e-mail. You're a better man than I. There are 5,006 messages in my in-box. I don't have enough time left on this earth to clean that mess out, even I started tonight. So we'll just continue to let stuff pile up. I'm only using 20% of the space Google gives me, anyhoo.

  3. Hang in there Andy. Things have been quite trying for me too lately. I wish I dealt with it with the good humor and optimism that you do.

  4. Sucks to be having family issues around Christmas. I know, having a few of my own right now. But at least your adult kids know their dad loves them and has their back, and will help them in any way necessary. That's what counts the most.

  5. With this new job, I was unable to make you a homemade gift so when I saw the Butter Mints individually wrapped with Ole Miss, I knew you would jump up and down when you got them :) Hate to hear about the philosophy in life is THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON so this might be a blessing in disguise in more ways than one. I hope he sheds the "extra baggage" soon.

  6. Hey y'all! Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Yes, I know that my problems/struggles are not uncommon. Sometimes I am reluctant to drop them on y'all, because I know you've ALL got them yourselves. But, I appreciate you reading about mine, and providing encouragement.

    It means a lot. Really.

    Dr. Jill, I do love them butter mints, and get a warm feeling every time I open reminds me of the whuppin' we put on the Klan this season, and it makes me smile. BTW, that afghan got quite a workout this year, and will until mid-January. It is one of my prized possessions.

  7. Wow, that was the post with the most! It had work stuff, family stuff, racist stuff, religious are amazing!

    I truly feel your pain when it comes to your son's hurting. As a mother of a son, I was so glad to get a wonderful wife for him - one who would love him and take care of him. After watching my brother with the other sort of wife/demon, I know how important it is to a parent to have good in-laws. As for your other son, we went through something with Jes this last summer that nearly took us down. But she came through and so did we. I will pray that your family comes through on the top side of things.

  8. Thanks, Lou. I don't know the details of Jes' heartbreak, and didn't share any of my son's, either.

    But, I know that you understand. Thank you for the encouragement. We're all gonna come out right side fact, we can see daylight.

  9. Andy thanks for sharing. Here's hoping your son manages to get rid of the (w)itch soon and get on with his life without her taking him for too much of a ride (I hate women like that!); and that the other one comes through ok. They're lucky to have you and Mrs. Andy as a support network.
    Merry Ho, Ho, and all that junk.

  10. I did not realize that you and Mrs. Andy had kids. When did this happen?

    Congrats, those little ones sure are a handful. I do know this, if you slip a little Robitussin in their formula, they sleep a lot better. That is about the only parenting tip that I have other than, always have a clean diaper ready to go.

  11. Wow.

    I'm so sorry about the messes with your boys. You hurt twice when your kids are in pain -- once for the kid and once for yourself. Like the others, I hope the new year brings a much brighter outlook.

    But, insofar as your claims in other media that you have no Christmas decorations on display -- I call BS! Look!! You have a Nativity Scene! And dang! I'll bet it smells some kind of awesome!

  12. Andy, I'm truly sorry to hear about your family's troubles. I can certainly sympathize with your feelings about your eldest son's situation, our own son went through something very similar. Thank God his particular Ms. Nemesis is no longer a part of his life. I hope and pray both your sons are able to get through these difficulties as well and go on and achieve their goals; with caring parents like you and your wife, I'm sure they will.

  13. Deb, Moogie, and Dan: Thank you all so much for the encouraging words. As I wrote earlier, I know that our struggles are not unique. We do love the boys more than our own lives, and even though we've not given them much extra in physical/financial ways, we've always invested in them emotionally. They all seem to know that we really do have their back in times of trouble. I just hope we can always live up to that.

    Paul, Robitussin requires a late night visit to the drug store. I just always used a few drops of something we had on hand. I think you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.


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