Monday, December 6, 2010

Turn out the lights, the party's over...

(Post title shamelessly stolen from Cosmic)

Growing up when I did, and where I did, and how I did, I can honestly say that Don Meredith was like a god to me as a kid.  I wanted to BE Don Meredith.

As I grew older, he seemed to not be god-like at all...just maybe the kind of guy you'd like to have as a best buddy.

Looking back, I don't think I've ever seen a guy that "played for fun, and played for keeps" like Dandy did (on the field, and in life).  I ain't weeping over it, or nothing.  But, Don made my life a whole lot more fun than it would have been without him.

Cosmic has some thoughts on his passing.

Rest in peace, Danderoo!


  1. Don made Monday Night Football cool. Cosell should have stuck to boxing and let Don have more time on the mic.

  2. And dang, he wasn't that old, either.

    I miss the Cowboys that were not scum. RIP Tom Landry, too. It is really hard to believe that Corch Landry has been dead ten years.

  3. Crap...nothing more pointedly says I'm getting older -- other than the hair and the paunch -- than those icons of my childhood, passing away.

  4. Inno, Paul, Skunks: Yeah, what y'all all said. Dang...

    I've got to find the factual account...But in the game where Meredith almost died on the plane headed home, I think it was Walt Garrison that said Meredith was spitting up blood in the huddle, and barely able to stand up.

    They all knew he was in bad shape, but Meredith told them that he'd kill the first one that told Landry...and he told them in such a way that they believed him.

    One. Tough. Motor. Scooter.

  5. They all were. Walt Garrison, is he still selling Copenhagen?

  6. I don't know. But, I'm pretty sure he's still strangling cattle with his bare hands.

    For fun.

  7. I had quite the crush on Dandy Don.

  8. Yeah, you and about a zillion other gals.

    Actually, I think Cosell had a man crush on him, too.

  9. Hey Moogie, I had a crush on him too!

  10. I was a teenager and young adult when he played. He loved playing and it showed. RIP Dandy Don.

  11. Thanks for posting this Andy. Monday night football wasn't the same after he left the booth. He made even the most boring games fun. We pass by his hometown of Mt. Vernon every time we drive out I-30 to McKinney.

  12. Too young to remember him as a player, but I certainly recall MNF. He is from the days when pro football was still fun to watch.

  13. What most people do not realize is that Don saw what was coming in the NFL, he got out in time to miss the wave of those morons that refused to wear coats and ties.

    I blame Deion Sanders for Don's death.

  14. I never thought ol' Dandy Don was that skilled as a football player, at least not compared to later Dallas legends like Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman, but his fun-loving personality and abilities in the broadcast booth after he retired is what all pro football fans will remember him for the most (at least those close to my age and beyond). Turn out the lights, and rest in peace, Don.

  15. Dave, you're right. Don was not the most skilled - even of his time.

    What he was on the field, was "country tough." Never quit...and never quit having fun.

    Thanks to the rest of y'all for chiming in. He sure will be missed. Actually, as BR noted, he has already been missed for many years. Pro football (especially MNF) has never been quite as enjoyable (at least to me) since he got out from behind the mic.

    I don't even watch it any more, unless it's a really unique the Saints in the Super Bowl or something.

    Paul, you're probably right. I can see him not enjoying the job at all in these later days.


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