Saturday, December 4, 2010

Okay, so I got my first Christmas Card sent...


Well, actually it'll probably be the ONLY Christmas card I send this year, but I felt it was important to follow up on this one...

I thought about sending them this one, but that is really in bad taste, and defeats the purpose.

So, I made 'em up a letter sized one in Publisher, so it would be personalized...and so it would look like a possible contribution, seeing as it's in a regular envelope.

I like it!  Merry Christmas, ACLU!


  1. I think you should have gone with your first selection.

  2. They will get it in the mail, but rhey won't get it. It if freedom of Religion not freedom from religion.

  3. Well done. There's still something about the bomber concept I like when paired up with the ACLU. I can't quite put my finger on it, though. Yanno whut I mean?

  4. Clicked on the card you liked & I think I'll laugh but not send it out.

    For me, I'll be sending out a new book I just read about Americans taking a stand. It's a thriller about each of us. I recommend it.

    I'm trying to get more people to read especially young people. Thanks for the xmas card picture!

  5. Hey everybody, thanks for chiming in. Sorry I'm so occupied, and late to shout back.

    Don't forget to get your card in the mail now...

  6. Andy, you did a good thing here, sending this card and telling your readers about the plan. I hope they get about a zillion cards before Christmas and another million or so stragglers after the day itself.

  7. You know, that's a fine idea. I may do that as well. Good job Andy!

  8. Having one heck of a snow here in central N.Y. , so was a bit late getting mine out. But by golly it did go out today.
    Merry Christmas ACLU!

    Gorsh, that was fun!


  9. JW, wasn't it, though? It made my day merry, and bright!

    Dan, and Boogie, thanks for joining in on the fun.

  10. Haha, I wish I had thought about doing that, I may still do it. Thanks for the idea. But I will wait to see if a lawsuit is filed against you.

  11. Darrell, I wish I had thought of it myself, too. Somebody else came up with the idea.

    It would be an honor to be sued by the ACLU. I would love to see their resources spent trying to strip me of my net worth of about seventeen dollars.


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