Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who says The Gooble doesn't have a sense of humor?


Well, I don't know if anybody ever said that or not, but just in case they did...

Go to, get directions from Japan to China.  Scroll down to #43.



  1. There used to be one from New York to the UK that said, "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean." I don't think that it is there anymore, though.

  2. What if you're afraid of jet skis?

  3. It's #711 if you change it to the walking directions! Not that I was bored at work or anything. Had a lot to do, just bored..........

  4. TD, I remember that...but didn't go back to check.

    Moogie, if you're afraid of jet skis, then you have NO BUSINESS going to China. They execute people for that.

    Paul, I did not know that The Gooble provided walking directions. But now that it's brought to my attention, it certainly makes sense. Probably over half...maybe over 75% of Gooble users do not own a car. And I'll bet upwards of 99% don't own a jet ski.

    Hmmmm...I'll probably be up all night pondering that.


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