Saturday, January 22, 2011



Hey y'all!  I've been trying to get this done off and on for a couple of days.  I just wanted to tell y'all how much I love my new job.

When I took this job over 3 months ago, I had NO idea how much I would enjoy it.  What started with, "Hey Andy, why don't you come work a couple of shifts a week for me?" turned in to what has become a more than "full-time" deal.

I'm now 9 days through a 16 day straight schedule, with a couple of doubles thrown in there, and a couple of 8 hour breaks in between.  And I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever felt better.

Not a single day goes by that I don't head home feeling like I've accomplished much!  Not a day goes by that I'm not able to help at least ONE, if not many people that are going through a rough patch.  Sure, there are some things I don't like about it, but that's with anything.  I was thinking to myself the other day, "I wish I had started this kind of work as a young man.  By now I'd know everything about it, and I'd probably be the best in my field."  It suits me like nothing I can remember in a very long time.

I love my Team Leader.  She is a great gal, and we have a blast working together.  I love her boss (the guy that hired me), all the other folks in my department, the Assistant Administrator, and Administrator of the Hospital...all top shelf folks!  All very professional, and at the same time down-home good folks.

Honestly, I haven't run across anyone...from housekeeping, to techs, to nurses, to name it...that I can honestly say that I don't like.

In a previous post I noted that I'm burning the candle at both ends.  And, I truly am.  Working 48 to 64 hours a week, working three or four hours a day on my own biz (which has gotten really busy again, btw), and helping Dad out with his Secretarial work has really occupied almost all of my time.  That's one reason I've been kinda silent...and not keeping up with my blog buds nearly as well as I'd like.

But, I hope y'all know that I'm reading, and keeping up as much as time allows.  And, I know that y'all are there in my corner, too.  Things are gonna settle down pretty soon, and be more like the usual abnormal.

Regardless, I just wanted to drop this note so y'all would read it.  Because I love it when y'all read things that I write.  I didn't really have anything important to say or nothing, I just wanted y'all to have something written by me to read.

Like this, you know.  Something to read that Andy wrote.  See.

Well look, y'all have a great what's left of the weekend, okay?  I'm off at 2030 tonight, and back in at 0600, so I'd better run.

Gee, I really love it when y'all read something I've written.

Like this.


  1. It's always better if you enjoy your work, especially putting in those kind of hours.
    We do miss your post's, but you have to keep the wolf away from the door!

  2. I've heard that if you want something done, you should give it to someone busy, they'll just fit it in, instead of doing it "after dinner" i.e. never.

    so, you're healthy then?
    good stuff.

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself Andy. There's nothing worse than a job you can't stand or having to work with people you can't endure. Keep up the good work! BTW We'll still be here when you get back.

  4. What Deb said. I really enjoyed what I did too. Until I didn't.

  5. I'm happy for you. After 20 years in Uncle Sam's Navy, I know how a poor work climate can drag your whole life down.

    I too, I am now blessed with a great job, and look forward to going in each day. Half the time they have to encourage me to leave.

  6. I bet you are a "hoot" to work with.....your fellow colleagues probably love their jobs now that you are around to bring chuckles throughout their day. We will share you and your chuckles with them; just hope they appreciate you as much as we do!:) Just sayin'.......

  7. Since we do HAVE to work ('cause money does make it easier to live)it's very nice to go to a job the I really enjoy going to every day. I do know how you feel and am glad you also enjoy going to work. I heard at one point that he who enjoys his job, never works a day in his life!

  8. Way to bust ass and take names Andy. Glad you love your job. That is worth so much ;-D

  9. Great comments, everybody! Thanks a million for stopping by, and chiming in.

    I've actually enjoyed EVERYTHING I've ever done for a living. I've always found a way to sluff off the crud, and not let it impact my attitude.

    But, this is different. It's not a struggle with this.

    Thanks again, y'all!

  10. So glad yo're enjoying doing what you're doing! Thanks for taking the time to write something we could read!

  11. Wish I could enjoy my job as much as you do. I do enjoy the people I work with, and my immediate boss does appreciate my efforts, but the ship is listing heavily and threatening to capsize, and management seems oblivious to it. So all I feel like I'm accomplishing is rearranging the deck chairs.

  12. Dave, I'm sorry to hear that. But I hope that even in rearranging the deck chairs, you find some satisfaction.

    And, I'm sure you've got your eyes peeled for the location of the life rafts. It's gonna be okay, my friend. You're a faithful man that trusts in God. He always comes through, and it's always better than we could have figured out for ourselves.

    Platitudes! I usually stay away from them, but in this case I'm throwin' 'em at ya'. Because I believe it's happening for you right now. Really, I do.


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