Friday, January 28, 2011

Just checking in...


Hey y'all! Yep, I'm iz still vertical.  I've been "gettin' around" to this for a couple of days now.  It's almost midnight, so I'm dashing off a post, and I don't give a flip if there's one of them red lines under every other word.  So, there!

Two unexpected deaths today, and one drunk coonass disrupted my plan for a quiet night on the job.  Sad cases...all of them.  Felt bad for everyone involved in each case.  Did what I could to help. 

Oh, y'all might remember that I mentioned I had a 16 day straight work schedule that I was plowing through pretty good.  Wrong.  Well, I wasn't wrong at the time, but my 16 day straight got turned in to 23 straight when my boss asked me if I wanted to fill in for one of the senior fellows that had to take some personal time.

Because I LOVE MY JOB, and can use the coins, I jumped all over it.  So, it'll be a bit while longer before y'all have to read my junk regularly. 

Don't bother to thank me.

Can you believe that The Mrs. thinks this looks funny?

Okay, so I'm freezing to death a couple of days ago (btw...our weather has turned a gorgeous 70 degrees...happy, happy, joy, joy!), I had just got up, and had my jammies and comfort jacket on.  She laughed at me.  Really!  Started making wise about my color coordination, and fashion sense, and all.


Hey, I might jinx it all, but lookit, it seems that we just might not be required to give our annual "Psoriasis Updates" this year.  Y'all long-time visitors to Andy's Place know that February (better known as Black History Month) is when we normally give the play-by-play of Andy's psoriasis attacks. 

If you haven't been hanging around here long, well, you've missed a heckuvalot of fun, I'll tell ya'.  You see, almost every late January, mean ol' Mr. Psoriasis comes a'knockin' on Andy's door.

But look!

Here we are on January 28, and not a sign of the onset of it!  It always pops out first on "Ring man" on my right hand and I fight it for a couple of months.  But as of today, all you see there on my lovely right hand is just the old scar from every friggin' attack in the past.

Yep!  Right now, it looks like he passed me by this year.

I have nice hands.

HEY!  Guess what?  I dun winned me a prize!  Sure enough I did!  Yep, I won a "Caption This" contest on a blog that I always read, and my prize arrived a couple of days ago.  I'm gonna tell y'all all about it the next time I get five minutes to rub together to tell y'all about it.

And, I've also got a fabulous idea about how to maximize the value of the prize I won...for EVERY VISITOR TO ANDY'S PLACE.  I'm gonna need y'all's help to make it happen.  I mean, it won't cost you anything, and I won't be begging for PayPal donations or nothing.  You'll just have to play along, and we'll see how it goes.  But, I think it's gonna be a fabulous deal, and will really make the fellow that awarded me this here prize really happy.  I'll tell y'all about it later.

Dr. Jill sent me a computer letter with a photo, and it was captioned.  I would like to post it, but I can not, due to the fact that I can not.  However, I'll post the photo and you can use your imagination...okay?

Well, that's about all I got.  Out from work at 2230...due back tomorrow at 0600.  It's a dang good thing that I LOVE MY JOB, or I'd be bitchin' about it right now.  But, it's all good.

Just like y'all!  Y'all are all good.

Really...well, maybe y'all don't always behave good, or act Christian to folks.  And, I'm pretty sure some of y'all drink too much, and use potty-mouth words too much.  And, there's likely a wife-beater in the crowd, and maybe even a pedophile or two that stop in here (by the way, y'all are NOT welcome).

But, the rest of y'all are all good!

Just like it is.  I mean, it is all good.

Dang!  Why do I feel like a 14 year-old boy trying to figure out how to get off the phone with his girlfriend?  I mean, I know it's time to quit, and there's nothing left to say, but I'm not sure whether I should hang up or wait for her to hang up.

But that's silly, because y'all can't hang up.  I have to hang up because y'all ain't really talking to me.  I'm doing all the typing here.  
So, I'll just hang up, and hope she still likes me tomorrow.


  1. So that's it, you're just gonna quit typing!! What a tease!

  2. Can you believe that The Mrs. thinks this looks funny?

    Yup. I'm thinking if Scotland had concentration camps they'd dress the inmates exactly like that.

    Good news on the psoriasis front!

    It's a good thing you love your job. 23 consecutive days can be a beeyotch. Been there, done that, took some time to recover.

  3. I keep trying to figure out what Mrs. Andy finds funny about that. She already married you, so you can get away with that now.

  4. I reckon you'll complete your 23 straight afore my 'Tween Time' ends ;)

    And wazz wrong wid dat pic? I dress like that (on dayz off) alla time ;)

  5. Why do I feel like a 14 year-old boy trying to figure out how to get off the phone with his girlfriend? That'd be 'cause you're regressing and over-tired! Take care of you and we'll see you when you get back.

  6. Hey, that's a great outfit. Looks like we must shop at the same Walmart. Pure comfort!
    23 days straight! Remember, even a mule gets to rest once in a while!
    Good you are keeping the psoriasis at bay, that stuff is no walk in the park from what I hear.
    Look forward to the next post from Andy's Place.

  7. Andy, your duds look pretty danged good to me; Joyce says you look like a man of sartorial splendor compared to her husband's around the house attire (some of which are of the "holy" sort, I mean holey). But I can't figure out what you're eating. Is that one those Louisiana Hot Sauce Burgers you're chowing down on?

  8. The only thing that could improve your chilly-evening ensemble is the addition of your swanky hat. Give it a try!

    Fingers crossed for you on the psoriasis thing. For real.

    I'm truly, truly apprehensive about potential captions for that particular pic in light of the Young President's recent about-face in his attitude towards RR. The possibilities are endlessly tacky! Tackily endless?

  9. That's a very Oregon look you're sportin' there. I approve.

  10. The clothes look pretty northwest to me. I've sported much the same on many a cold morning.

    Although, from the look on your face, I thought perhaps you had just taken a bit of a s**t sandwich. Just sayin'...

  11. Hey y'all! Thanks for stopping by, and for all the compliments on my wardrobe. It means a lot. Really.

    I was eating a fish sammich...and a good one, too. Dave, the look on my face is how I always look. Nothing out of the ordinary...

  12. Love the fashionable outfit...these day EVERYTHING is the style. The thing I like best about the picture is that absolutely, genuine, NYUK look on your face! Now that's PRICELESS.

    P.S. If it is 70 degrees there (bragger!) then why ain't you got on yer flip-flops!!?? Just sayin' ....

  13. Here up north in the heartland, we have to wear sweat pants to keep our junk warm but the rest of my outfit looks a lot like what you have on. Matter of fact, you would win the best of show at out local WalMart. Keep up the good work and write when you get a chance.

  14. "...I'm thinking if Scotland had concentration camps they'd dress the inmates exactly like that."

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Sigh. Yeah it's been chilly lately. Congrats on not having to deal with the psoriasis plague this year. That truly can be more than a nuisance. Stay warm Andy!

  15. That pic is a gut buster, thanks for that and what the heck?, 23 days?...slow down man, your making the rest of us look bone ass lazy.

  16. "Yup. I'm thinking if Scotland had concentration camps they'd dress the inmates exactly like that."

    OK, Buck. That was 'almost' funnier than the picture. I have SO gotta remember that one for 'special' occasions at my house.

    Andy, yes, you have beautiful hands. Better looking than mine. Your weather is better looking than mine. Actually, your Jammies are also better looking than mine. I don't like you very much right now. I'll see if I like you any better in a few days so don't work TOO hard. If anyone gets to hurt you, I'd like first dibs. (I'll have to thaw first so I guess you have a reprieve... for the moment) :P

  17. Nyuk! Best of show at the local Walmart. Nyuk...

    Hey y'all, thanks for dropping by. LemonLady, I know you don't like me very much right now. But, I'll likely be envious come July.

    Mahmood, I have an easy job. If it was hard, or a chore to do my work, I'd gladly slow down. But we're winding down now, and soon back to normal.

    Thanks again for the good wishes on my psoriasis. That stuff sucks big-time. I've got the treatment for it now, but it's still aggravating as all get-out.

  18. It just dawned on me that you said you were eating a fish sammich? Is that a lettuce fish?

  19. TD, you're gonna have to keep up here.

    I DO eat fish, and have never swore them off like I did mammal carcus. Fishes ain't meat. Besides, Jesus Himself fed people fish, so it MUST be good for you.

    Just sayin'...


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