Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, did y'all watch the State Of The Union show tonight?


Me neither.

I watched the State Of The Union faithfully up until 1988, then I kinda tuned out on it (kinda like when I quit looking at Miss America, The Oscars, and the NFL...the magic of it all just kinda waned, if you know what I mean).

I did watch "W" when he starred in it in 2002, seeing as the winds of war were blowing.  But I think that's the only one I've looked at since Ronnie Ray-Gun finished his last gig.

So, this post is nothing about President Obama's State Of The Union show.

Nope.  This post is about linking to "bad things about winter poems."  Yep.  Winter is BAD.  Really, really, really BAD.

It sucks even more than ObozO, or even any State Of The Union show.  I'd gladly look at YouTube videos of every friggin State Of The Union show as a trade-off for some warm weather.  But, it don't work that way.

So, on to the links.

LemonLady posted a wonderful poem about Winter In New England.  While I was reading it, it reminded me of one I had posted on this Titanic over two years ago.

Alright then...there's the links.  

Look at 'em (but only if you want to).

Love,  Andy


  1. Andy, I WISH we could get some winter around here. We've had the cold but not the snow...it's a danged old dust bowl.

  2. Andy, I intentionally missed the Obozo smoke and mirrors show too.
    He can talk the talk, but sure can't walk the walk.
    Two more inches of snow last night, is it ever going to end?

  3. Snowing from the sky
    I am praying it will stop
    My prayers unanswered

    It is so cold here
    All my toes have fallen off
    Socks are useless now

    Haiku examples
    Is what you see above you
    And also this one

  4. The Mayor may yet be the best poet of these Winter Poems. I never could write a Haiku. Only English class I couldn't sleep through.

    Andy, I LOVED your Winter Poem, but I liked your wife's sense of humor, more... and since you've expressed that I remind you of the Titanic, I've decided it's ok to divulge that you remind me of posteriors and the abysmal depths of the Marianas Trench... :)

  5. I watched the SotU... you didn't miss a thing... but Ryan was pretty good as a consolation prize.

    Once upon a time in the way-back I went to Singapore on bid'niz around this time o' year... from Dee-troit. The weather change danged near killed me, coming and going. Especially going BACK. But I'd never live on the equator, unless the earth shifts on its axis and the equator passes through the US of A.

  6. Andy, ditto on the State of the Union. As for the weather, I just don't want to talk about it anymore. Has there been a continental shift or something? After seven weeks of this s---, I feel like I'm living in Minnesota or Wisconsin. BTW, I liked the links and the Mayor's haiku are awesome.

  7. Andy's Place: pickin' on Arkies since 2008. Or before.

  8. Tomatoes are growin'
    the beans are showin',
    down where the sunshine glows.
    Citrus has ripened,
    chilled air makes them brighten'
    It's winter where snowbids go.

  9. Haven't watched one in years. It's all hot air, regardless of who's doing the talking.

  10. Nyuk! Dave, I'll bet our Northern friends would appreciate a little hot air about now.

    Hey, thanks to you all for your comments. Been too busy to answer, but I'm glad y'all weighed in. Nobody much mentioned the poems, but Mayor...outstanding!

    Nancy...Ah loves ya,, and ya, know I do, but SHUT UP! Good poem btw.

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  12. My track record of watching the State of the Union addresses matches yours exactly!


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