Sunday, January 2, 2011



Hey y'all!  Well, I decided to start a new feature here at Andy's Place called, "Name That Tune."  It's gonna be real good, too.

Dadman gave me permission to steal it off of him because he's been doing it on The Facebook for a while, and it's really fun, and he said that he didn't really invent "Name That Tune," and I believe him because he does not lie.  In this feature (which is soon to come), I'm gonna give you a couple of lines from a song, and you're gonna get to test your song knowledge wits to see if you can figure out what song it is.  (Title, and Artist)

And, they're gonna be hard, too.  I mean, I'm gonna be throwing obscure lyrics at y'all.  Now, the ground rules are that NO ONE can gooblecheat.  If you do, I will know, and you will not win our fabulous virtual prize that I'm working on.  Trust's fabulous...and virtual.  So, only honest injuns need apply.

But, I decided to do something different from our normal "Name That Tune" on our opening episode, and go with a "NAME THAT FILM!" instead.

Now, y'all long-time visitors, and friends know that I don't really look at films much.  It's a long, long story that I won't re-tell, but there are only 7 or 8 films I've looked at in the last 20 years, so this should be pretty easy for y'all to narrow down.

Now, The Mrs., on the other hand, looks at films all the time.  She has about two thousand tapes of films that she looks at regularly.  And, I sometimes look at one with her...which I just did this afternoon.  So, the answer to this quiz is a film that I watched this afternoon.  I've actually seen it a few times with her, and like it real good.

It stars two of my favorite film stars of all time.  One is Kevin Costner.  Now, I really don't like him so much in this film as I do when we look at "The Postman."  I swear, I've seen "The Postman" at least three dozen times, and I can quote most all of the lines from it.  I really like it when Tom Petty says to The Postman, "Nahhhh,'re famous!"  I really like that.  And, I think my favorite character in "The Postman" is Ford Lincoln Mercury (you know...the young negro kid that wanted to drive a car one day, and who became a heroic Postman in Costner's quest to get mail delivered and all...yeah, him).

The other big star in this film is Butch Cassidy.  Man, I love each and every Butch Cassidy film, including this one.  He's one of my favorite actors, especially when he was in "The Sting."  I love that film, and we have it on tape, too.

So, that's about enough about that.  Here are the lines.  Oh wait...I forgot to tell y'all that there is a heroine/gal in this film, too.  And, when you read "Her:" you'll know that this is the gal talking.  Here we go!

Her:  So, now I just go back to my job, and my son...and you'll just forget about me?

Him: (Kevin Costner...that's an extra clue, btw):  Every day!


  1. When I was a kid we took a quarter and went to the pitcher show every Saturday. Since then, I've only favored a few movies. Since you've watched it with Mrs. Andy I assume it's a sappy girl movie, so of course I couldn't get it. I did hit the Gooble a couple of times but no luck there. I'm ready for Name that Tune.

  2. "and we have it on tape too"

    what? / ¿que?

  3. I actually like chick flicks and I know this one, too. That and I think that I have seen every movie Robin Wright has ever been in, because The Princess Bride was awesome.

  4. Actually, gemmenems, it is one of the sappiest chick flicks in the history of moviedom.

    And, I like it, too. And I'll probably look at it a bunch more times because Butch Cassidy is in it, and the chick is hot, and Butch plays a dude named "Dodge, like the truck."

    Jimbo, it ain't an exact's just pretty close so you can't gooblecheat. "Name That Tune" will be exact quotes. This is just a warm-up to learn y'all how it goes.

  5. Couldn't possibly be 'The Bodyguard', could it?

  6. Deb, Nope! But, thanks for playing. Maybe this film is too obscure, or I didn't give enough clues for folks to gooblecheat, like I know I would. ;)

  7. You want me ruin it for everyone, or you want me to answer?

  8. Answer it, Dude! But, if you're wrong, you're gonna look stoopid.

  9. It is Message in a Bottle. I told you that I knew.

  10. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding! Your prize is soon to follow. I'm still working on it.

    I knew you knew it by your first comment. And, because I know that you lurvs you some chick flicks!

  11. Good thing Paul answered it 'afore me, 'cuz (a) I'm not as up on movies as yore esteemed selves is and (b) I was gonna get it wrong wrong WRONG.

    So now I'll go ahaid with my bad pick, 'cuz I wanna validate that last run-on sentence.

    My picks for movies that line woulda come from:

    a) The Baking of Spamham 1-2-3
    b) Massage In A Battle
    c) Bela Pelosi's substandard Adventure
    d) Rocky CVXXII

    And the winner is.....*BUZZZZZZZER*...NONE OF MY ABOVE!

    No need to thank me ;-)

  12. Skunks, you win "Honorable Mention," because (b) is pretty dang close.

    And, because (c) & (d) made me snort...

  13. Message in a Bottle? Andy it sounds like you've been exercising your female side again!

  14. Not really, Deb. My wife has been exercising hers, though, and I'm a good husband that enjoys the workout.

    If you know what I mean...

  15. and your first episode's winner will be featured on Skunkfeathers tomorrow ;-)

  16. Thanks for the heads-up, Skunks! I would have seen it anyway, because I read every post...but, I appreshunate the warning.

    And, Happy New Year, pal.

  17. Hmmm. Have you ever told us WHY you're off movies? We share that trait but since you watch stuff with Mrs. Andy I KNOW you've seen more movies than I have in the last 20 years. The last time I was in a movie theatre was for "Miracle." I made an exception to policy because of the subject matter; I was quite pleased, too.

  18. Hey Buck, I may not have mentioned "why" in a while.

    There are multiple reasons, but mostly that they just bore the hell out of me. A few grab me long enough to not get up and leave...seems a big waste of money and time. But, I'll watch a full film with Pam occasionally to be a good husband.

    I like a lot of old movies, though. Not the crapola of this generation...with a couple of exceptions.

  19. Okay Paul, seems that you're the only wiener. But Skunks, you get honorable mention, so go ahead on and partake, too. Here's your virtual prize.

    Enjoy it, ya' hick!

  20. Consume it in good health, TD. Be sure and make Julie at least try some hickiefied virtual sin along with you.

  21. A few grab me long enough to not get up and leave...seems a big waste of money and time. Even Saving Private Ryan? That one had me on the edge of my seat from the opening scene 'til the end.

  22. Deb, it's funny you should mention Saving Private Ryan.

    That is one that I can watch from front to back. It is one of the 7 or 8 that I have managed to sit through...on DVD, of course, because the theater is a, we can pause it, and go potty, or look at college football while it's paused.


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