Monday, January 3, 2011

Name That Tune!!!


As promised (and I know y'all have been waiting up all night for this inaugural episode), we present "Name That Tune!!!" 

The Rulz:

1)  List the song title, and artist.  (If it's a song recorded by multiple artists, be prepared to prove your work).  And, do not Gooblecheat!

b)  Do not look at comments until you're ready to answer.

c)  Do not change your answer after you look at comments.

4)  I guess that's all.

5)  No, wait...go ahead on and answer even if somebody else already has used your answer.  We will be awarding multiple prizes to everybody that gets it right.  Which should be everybody this time, because this one is so WAY easy.

Let's start this off with an easy one that EVERYBODY should know.  But just ONE piece of one line (because this one is so WAY easy).

...You know he always got an extra pack of cigarettes rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve...

Good luck!


  1. I know that is Jim Croce. I can't quite get it to stick in my head. Is it called Stock Car Roy?

  2. It will just not come to me. I have it right there....

  3. It'll come to you. Just quit thinkin' about it, and it will.

  4. I have NO ideer. But then again, I wouldn't would I? ;-)

  5. Yeah Buck, INDEED you would not. I thought about you when posting this one, and knew you didn't stand a chance. But, some of your faves are coming soon.

  6. It's "Rapid Roy, that Stock Car Boy" or just "Rapid Roy" for short.

    "He got a tattoo on his arm that say 'Honey', he got another one that just says 'Hey' and every Sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon in a '57 Chevrolet."

    I doubt you could pick a Croce song I wouldn't know...

  7. Cosmic, I knew without a doubt that you would know that one.

    Not to nitpick, but one of his tattoos says "baby." But, it's probably been a long time since you heard it.

  8. And Paul, don't feel bad. You knew it, just couldn't get the words in order. Plus, you are still gonna win a prize for knowing EVERY obscure chick flick line, which you obviously do.

  9. Ah, dang it, you're right. It's "Baby"... Dunno where "Honey" came from... I love Croce's character profile songs. Rapid Roy, Leroy Brown, Big Jim Walker... dang that man could sing a story...

  10. How about these lyrics?

    "Oh, I've got something inside me
    Not what my life's about
    'Cause I've been letting my outside tide me
    Over 'til my time, runs out"

  11. Cosmic, I know it. Huge Harry fan, too.

  12. Aiiieee. If you guys mention John Denver you've hit the trifecta of tripe. You know you can get diabetes from listenin' to this sorta stuff, don't ya? ;-)

  13. Nyuk! Buck, I plan no Dutchendork lyrics for this feature. But if I do, I'll make sure to use the "blink" Firefox html deal.

    Because I love you so much...

  14. Rapid Roy that stock car boy, he too much to believe... Jim Croce.

    I scrolled down fast as to not look at everyone's answers.

  15. Buck, I'm pretty sure you really meant "trifecta of treacle" since "treacle" is essentially a syrupy unrefined mass of sticky sugar. "Tripe" on the other hand, is a food product made from the stomachs of ungulates and is generally considered only slightly higher on the food chain than offal. As much as you seem to disrespect Harry, Jim and John, I doubt you meant to compare them to such a disgusting concoction...

    I take exception to your characterization anyway, even if you meant treacle. Although of the three, John certainly had his treacly moments, but then again, even the Beatles were known to write the occasional "Your Mother Should Know."

    Harry was in a different league than John Denver, and his songs had a gritty realness to them that makes it clear that any accusation of his being "treacly" is pretty far off the mark. "Taxi", the song which started this assault on story-songwriters, is about as gritty as a Sam Spade novel.

    But Jim was in an altogether different universe when he wrote his songs about the characters in his head. (I will grant you that "Big, Bad, Leroy Brown" is the least of his work.) Most of his work is more like "Box #10" a song about a young man struggling to make it in the big city. There's a truth and power in his songs that rivals that of Paul Simon or John Lennon or even Bob Dylan. He was still a young, young man when he was killed in an airplane crash outside of Natchitoches, La. I often wonder, as I did with Buddy Holly, what more Croce would have brought to the world as his writing talents matured and became more nuanced. The one thing I do know is that the world lost one of its great story tellers that day.

  16. Buck, don't get Cosmic started...

    Oh well, it's too late.

    In a way, I think it's a "period" thing with Croce, too. Us "just recently 50" types (like Lou too, obviously) had our moment in that age when songs got attached to memories of specific activities, loves, etc.

    For instance, I've got zero emotional attachment to Dinah Shore big band songs. But, there are bazillions of folks that fell in love, went off to war, and came back to their love with her songs seared in their brain.

    They'd list her as one of the greats of all time, and I'd list her as, "Oh yeah, she had a mediocre talk show, and got in bed with Burt Reynolds."

  17. Heh... well, I'm pretty sure Jim Croce's songs will outlast Dina Shore's, but I've been wrong before...

  18. Okay, it's almost 6:30, and some minor bowl game is about to start, and I'm gonna look at it, even though a Pacific Ten team is playing.

    So, nobody else is gonna guess, so it's time to hand out the awards.

    Cosmic, and Lou (And Paul, you were close enough, so you can have one, too)'s your prize. (But Cosmic, you're on a diet, so don't enjoy it all at one time).

  19. Treacle, tripe, same diff when it comes to analogies about pap (and we're NOT talkin' about smears, here). Except tripe never gave anyone diabetes, granted.

    Your points are valid, Andy, when it comes to what was popular at a certain time o' life. But I'll take Dinah over Jim or Harry any day o' the week. Dinah makes me think of Mom, Jim and Harry bring to mind cognitively-impaired (but otherwise physically desirable) women I knew in the way-back... as in cooing softly "Ooooh, isn't he GREAT?" as the first three bars of any given Jim/Harry song came off the turntable. "Well, no. No, he ISN'T great; he's sappy. Got any Fogelberg, if ya want that sorta thing?"

    I suppose ya hadda be there; I kinda wish I hadn't have been (there). But we DID make certain concessions to get what we wanted, painful as it was. But that was THEN, this is now. ;-)

  20. If you put up lyrics by John Denver, I will know them. Chances are I might no the lyrics to Bob Wills and maybe Dinah Shore too - thanks to my parents. But mostly, "I was country when country wasn't cool" - how's that for a name that tune?

  21. Bag Blog, I just heard her sister on an infomercial the other day. I always liked those girls.

  22. Barbara! Lou, and Paul, my Uncle David discovered her (he wasn't really my uncle, but we grew up calling him that). He was a minor country star, and she traveled with him for a while...cut some records together.

    Then her talent was too much to hide. Wow! What a performer...

    Lou, don't look for any John Denver lines. They're too easy. And, Buck would say "too cheesy."

  23. *doing this late and without reading (almost) anyone's prior comments....*

    Dead Skunk In the Middle Of The Contest?

  24. Hey Buck, go easy on John Denver.
    I'm with Lou on this one, I don't think there's a JD song out there I wouldn't know. Was going to comment last night but as Andy said once over at my place, shouldn't blog under the influence.

  25. Deb & Lou, I'm in the same boat. There is not a John Denver song I would not know either.

    But, my tastes have changed over the decades, and even though I know them all (to quote Bubba, they are "seared in my brain"), I don't really care to listen to any of them again.

    And, I somewhat understand Buck's snark at Harry. But Croce? Of course, I knew he was gonna (because he can't hep hisself...bless his heart).

    BTW, Buck, Fogelberg was next on my list. Scratch that!


    Maybe I'll go with an obscure Bill Anderson tune or sumpin'...


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