Monday, January 3, 2011

Okay, I usually give a new blog some time before I brag on it...


...but I'm breaking my rule.  

If you're of a mind to, I want all 13 of y'all to check out "Married To A Dummy."

My boozum buddy, Two Dogs linked to this guy's first post on his The Facebook website.  It was friggin' hilarious!  Now, the Poor Miserable Bastard has another one up.

This poor miserable bastard is definitely locked in on my The GoobleReader®.  

Don't bother to thank me.


  1. This comment is me not bothering to thank you.

  2. Reading through his first two posts didn't tickle my funnybone nearly as much as it made me wonder if there's a SWAT team in that poor miserable bastard's future.

  3. Ain't it the truth, Cosmic! Jeepers, hopefully his Dummy is too dumb to know how to use a computer.

    But, they did tickle my funny bone...for that very same reason.

  4. Love it, linked it. Wow, if she reads that stuff he is in big trouble!

  5. Jimbo, from what I understand she is a teacher. So, she's probably either too busy to look at his foolishness, or unable to use a 'puter.

    The profession seems to attract a bevy of both.

    Just sayin'...

  6. Oh dear, he'd better keep that on lockdown and faaaaaaar away from her. But that's good stuff for a young man like me to read...gotta keep that kinda stuff in mind.

  7. After reading one episode, perpetual bachelorhood looks better and better...

  8. Kinda like watching a train wreck unfold - you know it's going to be awful, but you can't look away.

    One of my Prime Directives of blogging is to stay away from any current relationship issues, and if I can't help myself, lock the post. I've always felt that sooner or later, such posts will come back and bite hard. Past relationships are fair game though.

  9. Din't he have any ideer how stoopid she was before they got married? This one just ain't gonna last long. And I agree with Dave, current relationship issues are best left private.

  10. Honestly y'all (and we'll have to get the definitive word from Two Dogs, because he knows this guy), I have a feeling that he's either not married, or planning to file for divorce REAL soon.

    And, that he's hidden all the firearms, and all objects, both blunt and sharp.

    I blog often about my current 34 year relationship with The Mrs. (2 1/2 of which were before we jumped the broom). And, it is usually WAY cool with her. But, I have made a mis-step or two...which have been well chronicled here, also.

  11. Looks like he closed up shop. I figured it wouldn't last long.

  12. Dave, I reckon the instant fame he got from our linkage was too overwhelming.

    Or, maybe she just shot him.

  13. Wow...interesting comments. I'm going to have to check it out.

  14. Oh my goodness... that blog has been deleted. And I obviously only skimmed the above comments. LOL!

  15. OK, I went and looked Monday when you posted the link but I didn't comment, mainly coz I don't find stuff like that... read as "denigrating your spouse"... amusing. As others have noted, ex's are fair game, but not the woman (or man) you currently share a bed with.

    I'll fall down on the "he got shot" side of this discussion. That or he's still in critical condition. Either way, the blog was a VERY bad ideer.

  16. Buck, I respectfully disagree. How many thousands of comedians make a fortune lampooning their spouses?


    Hell...this is all virtual stuff anyway. Nobody knows the guy, or knows his wife. And, maybe I'm a twisted sister or something, but I laughed my freakin' head off.

    btw: I've gotten some insight in to "why," and it's not what we figured at all.

  17. Andy, don't worry...if you're a degenerate, I'm right there with you. It tickled me.

    Now you gots to tell us why he's gone.

  18. Anyone every watch the show "Everybody Loves Raymond"?

    The best part of the show is the grandparents sarcastic banter between them both.

    At the end of the day they love each other.

    I could point out example after example of stand-up comedy, movies, television shows that make their entire fortune on poking fun at marriage.

    If one is married and doesn't argue with their spouse about the thermostat, or the pets, or the socks on the floor ...they're the one headed for a massive blowup.

    Plenty of movies are about how "dumb" the man is...nearly every commercial is a variable of "the dumb male" and his love all things boobs, beer and ball.

    Something tells me because the woman was the target of the joke, the PC crowd found it "denigrating".

  19. Well, there's a first. It's not often I'm called "PC."

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