Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday afternoon junk...


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

(Lookit, this is gonna be a very long, and boring post.  I started it this morning, and just now got through at 1330.  Consider yourself warned).

Well, I don't really have anything all that profound to tell y'all, or interesting to read about, but that's never stopped me before from writing stuff down.

Let's see what's been going on at Andy's Place.  First, let's talk about the "GOOD NEWS!"

Personal junk -

Man, I have really been enjoying some time off from work.  My schedule got rearranged for the week, due to the fact that we've got a Reserve and a National Guard guy that go to drill this coming weekend.  It'll mean working more later in the week, but I have four whole days off!  And, I'm enjoying it, too.

I didn't enjoy last night so much, though.  I mean, it's not so much that The Hawgz lost the Sugar Bowl, as it is that Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl.  Sigh...

Have I ever mentioned that I despise Ohio State?  I didn't think so, but I do!


Hey, more good news...from Omaha.  Eldest son has some good legal news, and even though it's all a painful situation, it's junk that's gotta get handled.  I can't detail too much, but it's positive stuff.  While I'm on that, y'all might wonder why I didn't tell y'all about how his Christmas visit fell apart.  Well, I decided not to clog up this blog with my personal disappointment, or his, either.  Just suffice it to say that his two week leave, and trip home to get loved on turned in to a 1 1/2 day visit, and then back in the car to hell in Nebraska.

But, he/we all can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  Thanks again for y'all's prayers for the man.

Ooooohhhhh!  More good news on the job front!  Looks like I'm getting a raise!  And, a substantial 10% raise, too!  I'll tell y'all the truth, that extra 72.5 cents per hour is gonna come in REAL HANDY!  Hmmm...I wonder if they round that up to 73 cents?  Reckon I'll find out when my first "raise check" gets here.

Oh yeah...more good news!  I have shaved every single day of 2011!  Yep, it was my new year's resolution, and I'm 4 days good on it!  EVEN WHEN I'M NOT WORKING, TOO!  The Mrs. loves my clean-shaven face, and I figure I owe it to her for the 30+ years of putting up with my crap to at least make myself as presentable for her as I do for my employer, and the public that I deal with outside of Andy's Place.

I haven't shaved yet today, but it's only a little past 1300, so I've got plenty of time.

Oh yeah, The Mrs. has a girl cousin, Rayetta, who has discovered The Facebook.  And, I'm glad she did, because she is as funny as all get-out!  I mean, she was funny before she discovered The Facebook, but it's good to get to enjoy her funniness on a regular basis.  But, she's been posting old family photos.  This one here was taken roughly 70 years ago on the plains of Oklahoma.

 That cute little blonde on the right is The Mrs.-in-law!  And, at almost 76, she's still cute, and blonde (but now her blonde comes from a bottle, and she don't act like a REAL blonde...if you know what I mean).  Seriously, I've never seen a more beautiful lady her age.  And, she has never even had reconstructive surgery, or nothing!  Speaking of...she does go in tomorrow at 0530 for knee replacement surgery.  She's never been under the knife, and never spent one single day in a hospital.  Seriously.

She was over here yesterday, and I mentioned that she is still "original equipment."  She laughed.  But, I can tell that she's somewhat nervous about it all...the surgery, the rehab, etc.  But it's one of those things that must get done if she's going to enjoy the next couple of decades.  So, y'all offer up a little prayer for her, okay?

I knew y'all would.

Some blog news - 

A couple of days ago, I linked to a new blog called "Married To A Dummy."  I swear, maybe it was just me, but the dude just flipped my giggle-switch.  Well, as noted by some of y'all in the comments, the blog has already shut down, after only two quite descriptive posts of what living with a "Dummy" is like.  

I wouldn't know about that myself.  You'd have to ask The Mrs.

And, some of y'all thought it was in bad taste and all.  I can understand that.  But, I just hee-hawed at it!

I don't know...maybe I'm twisted or something, but I've known "Dummies" like that (male and female), and really wondered what was going through the mind of their spouse as the dumminess unfolded.

I'm probably just twisted.  Or something.

Anyway, I did some Dick Tracy-type investigatory work and was able to contact the author (I can't tell you how.  I mean, I could, but then I'd have to kill you).  From my stealth, highly sensitive communices I discovered that the author did not shut the blog down for the reason that first popped in to our collective mind.  Nope!  His reeeeeely stoopid wife did not discover it, and banish him to the couch for life.  Nope, it was something else.

But, I have extended a firm offer to post any of his future work here at Andy's Place (as a guest contributor), so that he can get it all off his chest without any fear of whatever.  Will he accept?  Dunno!  But, the offer is out there, so we'll see.  (Y'all that didn't appreciate it don't have to look at it.  I'll be sure and tell y'all that it's the Poor Miserable Bastard up front, and not me.  Oh, wait...)

Oh yeah, while we're on blog stuff, I haven't reminded y'all in a while that THE GOOBLE IS WRONG!

Now, honestly they're not as wrong as they used to be, but they're still WRONG!  I swear, I am still getting dozens of visits every day from raaaaaaaaaacist folks looking for "nigger haters," and folks that make fun of retards.  Really, I am.  It's gonna take a while to shake the stink off, but we're working on it.

BTW, while we're talkin' blog junk...I was over at Buck's joint a couple of days ago, and ran into something of a buzzsaw.  There was this guy over there that has determined in his mind that Sarah Palin is the ONLY choice for a candidate to run against ObozO.  This guy actually proposed that NOBODY else on the right deserved a following, and that anybody that disagreed was a "pussy."  Really, he called me a "pussy."  

It's kinda funny.  In one comment stream about all of this, The Globber threw two funny word verifications at me.

Well, I reckon now I've been outed.  As a "pussy."

And, it seems I ain't even a man because I don't think Sarah Palin is the best candidate to run against ObozO.  According to The Globber, I'm a...

Nyuk!  Actually, it was kinda' weird and creepy to read this guy raving on and on about how inferior the whole world is to Palin, and the Palinistas.  Don't get me wrong, I like her just fine.  I'm sure she's a fine woman and all.  I just don't think she can beat ObozO...any more than I think Newt, Huck, or Mitt can.  Well, let me back up.  Mitt might be able to.

Just sayin'...

But, after I read some of this character's blog, I realized that he's one of those, "I'm not a snob, I'm just better than you" types.  So, I blew it off.  

I'm not a snob or anything, I'm just better than that.

Just sayin'...

Finally, let me put y'all out of your misery.  You've read this far, so you're a trooper for sure.  I'm gonna leave y'all today with a video.  To set this up, I ALWAYS wanted to be in radio.  As a youngster it was my dream.  But, I have an awful voice.  Those of y'all that know me personally will understand.  I mean, it ain't as bad as like a cat caught in the fan motor or anything, but it's really not much better than that.  

I wanted badly to be on the radio.  In fact, I went all the way to Dallas to the FCC office back in the 70s and took the test to get my 3rd class license so I could be on the radio.  But, all I could catch on to was writing commercials at $10 per.  

This is a video of a guy who has been down to the bottom (obviously).  I don't know the dude, but I hope he gets another chance.  And, that he don't blow it.

Well, that's all. Y'all have a fabulous evening, okay?

I love y'all!

Come again!


  1. Wow! You must have had a whole buncha stuff rollin' 'round in there. How'd you keep all that stuff straight? SO glad to hear #1 son's problems will be coming to an end soon.
    As for the 'pussy' comment, who the heck does this guy think he is? Can't he see that you're a fine, up-standing citizen? My goodness. And it looks like Gooble was definitely laughing at you.

  2. DEb, you're sweet. In fact that's the sweetest way I've ever heard anybody say, "Dang, this was a boring post!"

    And, I appreshunate it!

  3. I like that Married to a Dummy stuff. Of course I like most things that aren't politically correct so what the hey.

    Glad to hear your boy is doing ok, Andy!

  4. Glad #1's getting his bidness worked out!
    No, Palin isn't the one, but you're still a pu . . oh, never mind.
    What a voice that guy has! Hope he gets hooked up and does well.

  5. Good Lord, Andy! Can't leave you alone for even a minute and look at all of the trouble you get in to! I have to tell you that my own Mother went in for knee replacement surgery in 2006. Just for her (not for YOU... you get into too much trouble!) I'm pulling out my post of that very memorable occasion and posting it tomorrow. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine there is. :)

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention that it's too bad that the 'Poor Miserable Bastard pulled his blog. I found it hilarious too.

  7. I laughed at PMB's blog. Then again, I laugh at pigeons that fly into winders, and leave their imprints.

    Three concussions will do that. And I ain't a pigeon.

  8. Well, there's a fairly significant chance that Donald Duck could beat Obama in 2012. And the more I watch the man, the more I wonder if he's really got his heart in running again.

  9. I don't know if BarryO is gonna run again. He'll make himself out to be a martyr for the left (well, for moderates...nobody in Obama's position will admit to being a left-winger), and do his best to stop anything that comes out of the GOP controlled house. This is why I think the conservatives in the House should keep shoving stuff down their throat. Don't give a [bleep] if it gets vetoed, make them own it.

    All that said, I don't think Sarah's the one. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot, but she ain' Haley 2012!

    I too enjoyed PMB's work, and would love to see him do some guest blogging. Sometimes a man has gotta vent his frustrations, and he deserves to be able to do it without fear for his life or various body parts.

  10. There's a post by "Anonymous" in the thread about PMB's blog...

  11. Oh yeah, I saw it. Thought I commented on it. But if not, let me do so here.

    I could not agree more. It's least it is in my book.

    Anon might be right...I enjoyed it just as much as if the tables were turned, and it was the standard old "farting husband" type stuff.

    I still hope PMB keeps writing. The reaction I've seen to his first couple of pieces should have been encouraging. At least I would have taken it that way.

    But, everybody has their own reasons for doing something...or not.

  12. The video's been pulled for "copyright violation." Dang. A day late and a video short.

    Great catch up and I'll not be redundant by repeating what others have said, even though I'm (mostly) in agreement.

    You really nailed Our Friend. Heh.

  13. Just for your MIL, Andy! :)


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?