Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So, what's been going on at Andy's Place?


Well, I'm glad y'all asked!

Short answer...

You don't want to know.

Long answer...

You really, really, really don't want to know.

Oh, you do?


Work - Worked two 16 1/2 hour shifts in three days.  20 minutes before clocking out of the last 16 1/2, you guessed it!  Code Red!  Fire alarm!  So, I grabbed an extinguisher, and sprinted about 200 yards, then up two flights of stairs. 

Thank God it was a false alarm, and only a malfunctioning sensor.  Again.  Not only would it have been a mess, I'd have been there hours doing reports.  But, they need to fix that damn thing.

Family - Future "ex daughter-in-law" is still in the hoosegow.  No word on her future, yet.  Eldest son sounds fabulous.

#3 son, and his Reserve pal cheated certain death.  On I-30 at Arkadelphia, trying to beat the ice and snow back home on Sunday, he had a double blow-out, spun his Miata straight toward a semi, but was able to ditch it.  Ruined the two wheels, but made it home Sunday evening on two wheels the tow truck driver had in the back room of his shop.  Total cost:  Tow to the shop, two wheels with tires:  $135.

No kidding!  $135!

The Mrs.-in-law is doing incredibly well with her knee replacement.  The surgery was last Thursday.  We went to see her at the rehab facility Monday night.  She got out of the bed, and walked unaided (and obviously without much pain) across the room to greet us.  That's incredible!  She's gonna be so happy she finally got this done.  Thanks for y'all's prayers.  She's a good Mrs.-in-law.

Football - Auburn won the BCS Title.  And, I got to watch every stinkin' play of the game (that's the first time I've pulled that off all season)!

I'm gonna quit calling it the National Championship Game now.  Two Dogs is right (speaking of Two Dogs, he's got a good post up over there about how Michelle Obama is NOT a child molester).  The National Championship Game takes place in Atlanta, each December.  What is this...5 or 7 in a row for the SEC, or sumpin'?

It was an entertaining game, but the bad part is that there will be nothing worth watching for 8 months now.


Well, I've about rested up good from the long hours, and that's a good thing.  Because I've gotta go hit it this afternoon.  Forecast to be 18 degrees (above) tonight, and I'm gonna be out in it for a couple of hours.  But, I ain't gonna bitch.  I've read too many of my Western, Northern US, & Canadian blog buds, and what y'all are going through.  Y'all are some tough motor-scooters!  

Lookit, y'all hang in there!  I love y'all!  I mean it.


  1. Good news on the MiL! She is in our prayers here in Snow Country.

    But, is it September yet?

    By the way, Oregon averaged over 300 yards rushing per game this season playing in the PAC-10. Last night? 75 yards.

    There is a difference and it is MONUMENTAL.

  2. Glad you're back Andy, we've missed you! (and been worried about you) Glad to hear SN#3 came through relatively inscathed and only a few dollars poorer (that sounded very scary). Must have run in to a really nice tow truck driver. See, there are some decent people left in the world!

  3. Paul, I was surprised that Auburn's D did so well against the run, and so poorly against the pass.

    That game shoulda been a walk.

    Deb, indeed there are decent people left in the world. And, this guy was in A.R.K.A.N.S.A.S., too!

    I run in to 'em every day, as I'm sure you do. Good folks out there. Thank God for 'em.

  4. Generally good news, and that's a good thing.

    No kidding! $135!

    That's about what I pay for ONE tire. But that includes mounting and balancing. ;-)

  5. I had to brave the infernal I-30 south from Benton this morning 'cause I couldn't afford one more day out of work. Still pretty bad in spots. Your son was very fortunate, particularly down in Arkadelphia where the worst of the problems were.

  6. Dave, yessir, I hear tell it was pretty rough on 30. The young man was quite fortunate.

    Buck, they're used tires. Nyuk! No, Phil said he thought it might have been because they were in their fatigues, or something. Then again, the dude is probably just as helpful to everybody. Most folks that are like that don't pick and choose.

    Staci, once again we spend another long drought together. WHEN IS SEPTEMBER GONNA' BE THIS YEAR?


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