Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, my soon to be "ex-daughter in law" has some new accommodations!


Yep!  Courtesy of the fine people of Sarpy County, Nebraska she's now an honored guest at the GrayBar Hotel.

Charges include, Assault with a deadly weapon, Resisting arrest, and Assaulting a Police officer.  Yep, she hit the trifecta!  Or, for you hockey types, a "hat-trick."

So, the whole "I'm leaving you, and filing for divorce on Monday" thing didn't go over so well with the miserable bitch.  It went worse than I hoped, but about like I expected. 

If y'all doubted me one bit that the woman is crazy, then doubt me no more.  I honestly had even doubted myself a time or two for forbidding her from staying here at Christmas...but this is just the type of thing that I MUST protect the rest of my family from.

Well, she didn't draw eldest sons' blood with that butcher knife, but she did rip his uniform, so we're heaving sighs of relief over that.

Her hearing is on Monday, and I'm praying they'll set the bond VERY high (he's not bailing her out, and I doubt her folks can even scrape up gas money to go get her)...or commit her to some secure facility for the perpetually insane.

Son talked to his Mom a long time yesterday after this took place, and he's very upbeat.   In fact, I dropped him an e-mail with a couple of suggestions about details, and to tell him how proud of him I was for being straightforward and getting this done, etc.  Among other things, I wrote, "Man, I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this."

 In his quick response back he wrote (among other things), "And, hey, don't feel bad for me anymore. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks good."

Just thought I'd pass the news along.  

Hey y'all, I'm going to be working 32 out of the next 48 hours, so I will definitely not be around until Sunday evening, or Monday.  Y'all enjoy your weekend.  I know I'm going to!

Got LSU v. The Stinkin' Stupid Aggies tonight.  I'll be working, but have an idea that not a lot of work is going to be going on at the hospital around game time.  

We got a bunch of TV sets at the hospital.

Note:  Not taking comments on this one.  But, thanks for reading!  I love, and appreciate y'all.  Y'all have really helped me through a bunch of junk this last year or so.  Really.