Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yep, I'm in there!


And, most of the info is correct...

They even have a picture of my house with my information.

Does it bother me?  Not really so much.  But, it is kinda telling of where we're headed.

Pat Austin, over at And So It Goes in Shreveport, alerted me to a site called "Spokeo."  Go check out her post, and then check to see what Spokeo knows about you.


  1. Fortunately for me, they don't have Canadian listings but I'm sure it'll come.

  2. I'm in there twice - one has my current address and the other is the address of a place I used to work that went under back in 1999. A lot of their other intel on me is flawed.

    Big Brother will never find me! Bwaahaaahaahaa!

  3. The latest info they have on me is more than 16 years out of date and doesn't list my current address or my current marital status. Which is fine with me.

  4. Yeah, I get similar results as Cosmic and Inno. Like:

    The Pennington family lives in Livingston, Texas on 245 Rainbow Unit Dr. There are 2 parents (both unknown) and 1 child in the family.

    My mailing address is semi-correct but nothing else is. And that site is one of the slowest sites I've seen on these innertubes of late.

  5. Buck, check again using "Buck," if you haven't already.

    There is a Portales address & satellite view...but you probably already saw that, too.

    BTW, the site moved pretty quickly on my end.

  6. I found stuff on me as well, but it's a few years out of date and I've long moved away from the address that they have. Likely stuff gleaned from public records, just like Intelius and other sites. Lots of sites like these, and most you have to pay for a subscription which may or may not give you out of date information.

  7. Ok, so it says my exwife lives in my household but is a male 40s. It says my daughter who now is married and lives elsewhere is married to me. This is going downhill fast. Can we say redneck? It also says my neighborhood is below average. If what they said about my daughter being my wife and my ex being a male, I would have to agree with them there. It also says I am 46% male and 56% caucasion. Wow!

  8. Andy,
    It said my wife's house is valued at $1 Million. Now you know where I live so that means your house must be valued at $2M. What you think??????????

  9. Darrell, I did NOT need this site to figger you for a redneck. But, a righteous one...

    Bubba, Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Just don't let the tax assessor find this site, or we're BOTH screwed!

  10. Well, I'm feeling kinda left out. I saw this on Facebook and didn't find me when I went to look for me and the husband. Maybe I spelled our names wrong.


  12. There is a Portales address & satellite view...but you probably already saw that, too.

    OK... way late with this, but... it's all wrong, wrong, wrong. Nothing in that record resembles me or that other Buck Pennington (heh). Imagine, if you will, a 65-year old guy still living with his parents. Or even a 44-year old.

  13. Nyuk!

    I actually know a 65 year-old guy that lives with his parents.

    Well...he's actually 72.

    Glad to know the address is wrong. I was planning to come visit you next month.


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