Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm gonna have some fun with this...


I just had to take a break and show y'all this.  

Okay, so I'm mowing the grass on this gorgeous NW Louisiana Monday afternoon, and the Snail Mail dude drops a bunch of junk in my box.  So, I throw the bills in the trash (they come on Tuesday to pick it up, just in case y'all didn't know), and then I looked over the other more important junk.  

This is one of the more important pieces of snail mail what got left in the box.

Nyuk!  The Mrs. is gone from the house taking #4 son to our Thailand barber lady to get his hair cut.  Man, when she comes back home I'm gonna have one field day with this!!!

I can't barely wait.

Ever since she turned 50 she's been getting all this junk from the AARP, "Senior Dating" sites on the computer (NYUK!), and  Facebook referrals to junk like denture services and Rest Homes.  I swear, her pearly white skin turns redder and redder with each one.

This is gonna be fun...


  1. Oooh, Andy. Be very, very careful. Just sayin'. Very very careful.

  2. You're a brave soul, ain't ya? I'm with Moogie on this one, I'd be careful I was you, you might end up literally sleeping in the dog house.

  3. might want to scratch out that address...I know I'm a bit paranoid but...

  4. Anon, anybody that has ridden on this Titanic of a blog along with me for very long knows exactly who I am, and where I live. So, even though I really do appreciate the advice, my life is an open book.

    And, it's dang good thing that The Mrs. NEVER looks at my blog.

    Moogie, Pam and I have "history." She knows that she married an extremely retarded soul back in 1979, and has picked up about 50 ways to shelve my foolishness.

    God, I love her!

    Deb...what I said to Moogie.

    Jim, if I was only so lucky...

    Wounded Louisiana blogger found sprawled on sidewike. Mobility scooter tread marks over approximately 80% of his body.

  6. Inno...if I was only so lucky.

  7. This has "GREAT PLAN!" written all over it.

    Good luck with that.

  8. No, the Mrs. never looks at your blog, but she is my friend on Facebook, just saying . . . .

  9. Paul, we are cousins, so I can't really let loose on what's gonna happen.

    Jimbo, DON'T YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Will you be able to blog with two black eyes?

  11. And, it's dang good thing that The Mrs. NEVER looks at my blog.

    Heh. I won't say you're naïve or anything like that. Wait. Yes I WILL. Hell, even my EX-wife reads my blog...

  12. Lou, I am quite secure in my relationship with The Mrs., so I ain't askeered!

    Buck, I actually drop a post like this every so often just to see if she reads it. She does.

  13. This story doesn't surprise me at all, Andy. Believe it or not he has been pulling this crap for a very long time. I'm not too worried because most everyone who knows Andy knows he is full of Baloney.

  14. Nyuk! I KNEW she read it...

    I am a blessed man. Blessed above all men...


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