Monday, March 21, 2011

Okay...about that MONSTER post I've been promising y'all...


Screw it!  Every time I add something more on to it, it sucks worse.  So, here's the jist.

1)  #3 son bought a house!  Really!  I'm proud of him to be thinking toward the future at 21.  It's a nice house, too.  And, it's in a good neighborhood.  He found a very motivated seller, and got a good deal.  For those of y'all that know Bossier City, it's in the old Greenacres neighborhood on Ashland.  

God is good.

2)  He moved out on March 1, and took #2 son, and Nick (who has been living here with us for 3 years +) as housemates.  I'm sure it will look, and smell like a zoo over there, but at least they are out of our hair.

God is really, really, really good.

Really.  Good. 

3)  #1 son's divorce is moving right along.  His soon to be ex-wife is still in lock-up, but doing much better...acting sanely...everybody is behaving, and her parents have stepped up like champs.  He's looking at deploying on the mission he trained for last Fall in late Summer.  

4)  Andy dun went portable!  I got me a netbook...a Toshiba NB505.  And, I love that little thing.  It is cooler than the other side of the pillow, even though it runs Windows 7, which I'm getting used to.  (But, nothing will EVER be better than XP.  Just sayin'...).  Problem is, I'm so dang busy I can't barely find two minutes to rub together to look at it, and learn all the fabulous features.  Still, I'm liking it.  And, I bought it for $100.  What happened was, a guy at work had bought one, used it for a couple of weeks and decided he wanted a full-size laptop (which I do not need for what I was going for).  So, he sold it off to me on the cheap.  

God is good.

5)  I still love my job.  In fact, I think I might would do it even if it was for free.  And, I got a raise, too.  And, some other good junk like benefit hikes and junk.  

God is good.

6)  Well, that's all.  Not really...there was a bunch of other junk I was gonna tell y'all about, but it's just junk that would be even more boring than this.  

I've got a story I'm gonna tell y'all if I get time this afternoon after I mow the grass.  And, clean the condensing unit on my AC.  Yep!  We're running AC.

God is good.

And oh yeah...

I got one of these.

So, a couple of years ago I got out of serving because it would have truly been a hardship.  But things have changed now, and I really can serve.  My employer even encourages employees to serve, and pays us our regular pay if we do.  So, I am not writing a letter to get excused like I did a couple of years ago.

I bet they make me the foreman, or somethin'...

Okay, that's all.  I love y'all.  I love all y'all!

I mean it. 


  1. I can relate... I'm SO LOOKING FORWARD to stepdaughter moving back out when her tax refund comes in.

  2. Greenacres is a great neighborhood, especially on Ashland. Good for him!
    On April 25th when you come up for jury duty we will definitely have to have lunch. (They do give you a lunch break you know).
    Glad to see you posting!

  3. This is definitely all good junk!

    Except for the Jury Duty thing -- I found my experience at the courthouse to be a comedy of errors. And I had to pay entirely too much to park. But, if you can make lemonade . . . .

  4. Sounds like things are just rollin' right along for ya, Andy. I hear ya on Windows 7; I have XP on my laptop at home and the unit I use at work is W7. We don't get along well on at LEAST a weekly basis.

  5. Inno, I really do wonder if this is a recent phenomenon. I mean, I was so WAY READY to get out of Dodge when I got my high school diploma...I mean, did this thing of kids coming back home and staying just get started with the spawn of folks born in 1959 (and later)???? Anyway, I'm very happy behind it, even though The Mrs. made me paint all day Saturday on my day off...covering up the young male crud what's been left here from the coming back and forth junk. I'll swear!!!!! The first time they left I was all pensive and junk. But this time, I'm just thrilled to the overwhelming.

    Either I'm a bad parent, or just getting crochety.

    Jimbo, it's a date! Jeepers, I hope I'm not gay.

    Moogie, thanks. Really. I know that you are a lawyer, and have hilarious remembrances about your The Jury Duty service. So, THANKS! Really. I am sure that I will be picked as Foreman, and will probably die in Benton of old age while scuffling over whether Melba Walters REALLY DID RUN THAT RED LIGHT OR NOT.

    Deb, things are just WAY COOL for us. XP is definitely the bomb. Actually, the last desktop I bought was purchased for ONE REASON...because it was the last one that The WalMart had in stock with XP installed. I reckon that I will eventually get used to time marching on, and I'm sure I will one day think that I was a real retard for thinking that XP is the bestest OS in the history of comprutuhs.


  6. Sounds like springtime is going well for you. I had jury duty last spring, but they did not pick me.

  7. God is good, indeed. Buying a house at age 21 just HAS to be a very rare thing is these United States today... Good On Your SN3!

    All the rest o' the stuff is pretty good, as well.

  8. Good junk, Andy. Good junk indeed.


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