Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My! Bedroom! Is! Not! Pink!!!


Okay, so yesterday in the comments, one of our bestest Canadian buddies, Marc in Calgary made a big hairy deal about how my bedroom is pink.

Is not!

I had explained thoroughly that a Pepto-pink bedroom would be gross, and that our bedroom is a lovely dark shade of mauve, or some such other thing that IS NOT pink.

Now, I'm giving him grace, because for some reason (I think the flash on the camera) caused the walls to look pretty grossly pink. So, I had a little visit with Mr. Kodak, and he told me to cut his flash off and try it again.


See?  NOT!  PINK!

Still not convinced?

See?  Dark Mauve, or some such other thing that is NOT PINK!  By the way, isn't that a lovely painting?  My Momma did that one.  Maybe it was a friend of hers, I'm not sure.  But, she's a real artist.

Back to the subject at hand.  This here should provide the definitive proof.  The paint color extends on around into our bathroom.  Now, our bathroom is mostly original 1948 tile.  PINK tile (except for that I busted out the old PINK tile shower, and put in a big whirlpool tub a few years back).  Yeah, y'all remember that stuff, huh...

This should provide a stark contrast between Pepto-pink, and dark mauve, or some such other color that is NOT PINK!

See, the tile is pink.  The wall IS NOT!

Glad we cleared that up...


  1. Yeah, it's 'muave'. How in the heck do you even know what 'muave' is??? Sounds just as bad as pink to me . . . just saying!

  2. Jim, I know what Mauve is, because The Mrs. says it's mauve. And, she is never wrong about junk like that.

    Or anything else.

  3. I surrender. If Mrs. Andy said it's muave, then it's durn well muave.

  4. Um, it looks pretty much like PINK to me.

  5. Well. I have to rise to the defense here. There's nuthin' wrong with a little pink, as long as it's trim (my living room, c. 1990 or so). The wimmen usually get what it is they want in this space.

  6. Let's try that again: as long as it's trim

    Blogger hates me today.

  7. Paul, how did you know that?

  8. For quite awhile, they sold pink stuff in Canada and called it "dusty rose".

    Still, it's soothing and stuff and and I think if it didn't give you nightmares it'd put u to sleep in 30 seconds.

    ... but that's probably not ideal either. just sayin'

  9. Marc, ya' know, the name of that paint may have been "dusty rose." We can't remember the name. But, it sure enough is restful. And, not pink.

    Buck, dude, that looks like the same dang paint to me. Y'all had good taste.

  10. On a serious note, take a look around, see the guys sitting in bars 'till 2am talking about how happy they are "to be free". How now they can do everything they want, how happy they are. They lie.

    A pink bedroom would be fine by me... been there, done that. And if Pam's a happy girl, you're a lucky guy. Happy wife, happy life.

    ... ok, now back to regular programming.

  11. Lou: IS NOT!

    Marc: That "serious note" of yours is spot on. Never "been there and done that" with the "happy" guys at 2 am, but I hear ya'.

    Dark Mauve feels like home.

  12. I try not to use those foo foo words like Mauve, Ochere and Chartruse when I talk to men. Save that kind of talk for the Paint store.
    Once I had the Kansas Supply system send us five gallons of paint from the Prison Factory. I took it to my local paint store and got it tinted robin's egg blue for a cheery bright color. It turned out Prison Grey after it dried and the kid I had working for me had a nervous breakdown.
    Shows you what I know... MUD

  13. Ochere and Chartruse...


  14. So now it's 'dark muave' huh? Is that intended to make it sound more manly, or did Mrs. Andy tell you to say that?

  15. S'cuse me for chiming in. There is nothing wrong with that colour whatever you call it! I'd call it mauve.

  16. I dig that tile! (I like pink, shoot me if you must)

  17. Hi Alison! Thanks for chiming in.

    See, Jim! Alison calls it mauve, too.

    Staci, BANG! No, actually of all the ancient pink bathrooms I've seen, that pink tile is the prettiest shade. It's subtle...doesn't just jump right up and gross you out.

    The DARK MAUVE walls really compliment it.

  18. I pointed to the pic and asked my 2.5 year old gradkid what color that wall is.

    "Dat's pink, gwandpa!"

    He has no vested interest in this and therefore no motivation to lie.

  19. It's very pretty, and I really like the pink tile too...but closer to dusty rose than mauve.
    I have a pink tourmaline ring this same shade.

    I wanted a big ass ponderosa like couch for a room I had remodeled. I was looking for "buckskin", but the closest I found named it as "butterscotch", but I love butterscotch. :)
    So my husband would accept it, I just told him it was buckskin.
    Now... others have called it tawny, or camel, even baby shit.

  20. Inno, buy the kid a deluxe set of crayolas. It will have a pink, and a dark mauve. Color him both shades down, and ask him which one my walls look like.

    Then, get back to me.

    Nancy, girl it is good to hear from you. I hope everything's swingin' straight for y'all.

    "Baby Shit"... Nyuk! It surely could have been dusty rose, but Pam just can't remember. Regardless, it is beautiful.

    And, nowhere near resembles baby shit.

    Unless you feed 'em Gerber beets...

  21. The bathroom at my cousin's house (where I live now) was that same pink color as the tile there, Andy. We tore that out when I moved in and remodeled both bathrooms. To quote A Christmas Story, that bathroom looked like a pink nightmare.

    I don't know what color your bedroom is. I figured it was like some strange love child between maroon and purple.

  22. Yup, that's "dusty rose", Marc is dead-on right.

    You're wife is telling you it's mauve because she doesn't want to shock you, Andy. You would never sleep in that room if she had told you it was homo pink.

    Now you're stuck.

    I'd like to see a few other rooms in your house, especially that one your wife described to you as "salmon, with a touch of fuchsia."

  23. Boogie, that tile is too pretty to tear out. Seriously, it's not like that gross me out pink that so many bathrooms had about that time. It's really subtle, and has a beautiful satin finish.

    Mitch, you're just jealous. And, after reading what I just wrote to Boogie...well...I'm gonna ponder deeper about the homo thing...


  25. I had no idea Andy is a "Designer Guy".
    Jeez,the colors you guys get into, salmon,chartreuse,dusty rose,mauve!

    They're ALL pink,by any other name!

    I have a friend that calls ever color,"taupe". So,maybe your bedroom's taupe.

    Don Morris

  26. Don, you ain't gonna believe this. But, we just painted another bedroom that has FINALLY been vacated by one of our "projects" after 3 plus years in "taupe."

    Well, the paint mixer guy really didn't get the "taupe" that The Mrs. was looking for. But when we finished it up, it looks just stunning. The Mrs. says, it's more like a "putty," than "taupe." Almost like a "pewter" with a bit of "taupe" mixed in.

    Anyway, she loves it...and I do, too...and my sister looked at it, and stole the lid to the paint can to go get her some mixed up just like it. It's cool, though...we were finished with the lid.


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