Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to increase blog traffic Tenfold...


Well, I got in from work, and checked the glob traffic. I actually haven't done that in a while, because...well...because I forgot about Sitemeter. But, I saw it in my "favorites," and looked at it.

Seems that traffic is about ten times normal today. "Hmmmmmm..." says I. So, a couple of clicks later I discover that my "product review" of my The Roku® is being hit like the fat kid in a round of "Smear The Queer."

Lookit!  The Gooble is back loving me again!  Just like the old days when it loved me...

As you click on this, you'll notice that we are ONLY #6 in the search term.  I don't count the junk at the top because it's all company stuff (probably bought and paid for).  But, #6 in this term seems to draw a crowd.

It also just tickles the fire out of me that we come in above ""


So, the moral of the story is that if you want to have one brief moment of exultant blog traffic induced joy, post a review of a product that is being hammered up hard by one of the big boys that gets millions, or maybe billions of visits a day.

I think I'll go to bed now.  Long night at work...almost didn't get home due to stalled trains, and flooded underpasses.

But, I'm home.  Life is good.


  1. I once posted about two of my girl friends, Janetta and Joy. Would you believe there is something out there called "Janetta Joy boobs?" I got lots of hits on that one. That and I once called Jesse, "slave girl."

  2. I once ranted about the Mother-In-Law and how she terrorized us with her crappy ComposTumbler and ended up on the company's website as a product review.


  3. Lou, Heh!



  4. As a teacher, the wife started at a real tough school. They played Smear the Queer as a blood sport. I guess the kids in my neighborhood were either too smart or too dumb to play it. We did fill the can with sand a time or two when we played kick the can.


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