Friday, March 11, 2011

On a spiritual note...


I'm giving up meat for Lent.  That's right!  No beef, pork, or fowl of any kind!!!

But, I'm not giving up fish.  Jesus fed fish to folks, so I'm hangin' with it.


  1. If the "Big B.O." has his way, a lot of us will be giving up $beef and $pork!

  2. Andy, YOU WON. I'm glad you can still eat fish. After that notorious Name that film post yesterday, I just had to give you an award. Pick it up over at the Coumberland Post.

  3. I've decided to give up showering and brushing my teeth for Lent. My wife and kids are still trying to talk me out of it...not sure why.

  4. Heh. Does this mean you're gonna BEGIN eating meat after Easter?

  5. So... basically just giving up land-based animals?

    Fair enough.

    Wait... what about frogs? Aquatic reptiles? Are gator-burgers ok? :-)

  6. Harvey, just mammals. It shall be an extreme sacrifice, but I think I'm up to it.

    Dadman, how about just giving up Cokes? Nyuk...

    Buck & Moogie...not sure. I've heard tell that sometimes when folks give up meat for Lent, they never go back to it. We shall c.

    Dan...I read about my award...haven't gotten over there yet to thank you properly. Sore loser...

    Scooney, I fear we'll be giving up taters and beans, too.

  7. I plan to give up lint for Lent. That way I don't have to dry any clothes.

    I don't get this assertion that fish is somehow not meat. It sounds to me like a way to claim you don't eat meat when you do. It's animal muscle tissue, just like any other meat. It's closer to mammal flesh than lobster or crab meat.

    I just don't get the argument...

  8. I enjoyed a large, juicy cheeseburger today, and didn't bother any fish...

  9. Daphne, good on ya'! I'm not one to begrudge anyone anything they enjoy, unless it's harmful to another human.

    Cosmic, I don't eat birds or mammal. Sorry if by using the term "meat," it seems that I'm making some argument. Because I'm not. I certainly understand that fish meat is "meat." Next year at Lent, I'll be more specific.


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