Thursday, March 10, 2011

Name That Film!


Okay, so it's been hit and miss on "Name That Tune/Film/Whatever."

But, I've got a good one for y'all.  

Two days ago I signed up on The Netflix (registered) for one reason, and one reason alone...because I saw that they had available for watching on the worldwide computer one of my favorite all-time films that I have not been able to rent on DVD, or VHS.  Them Netflix (registered) folks got it goin' on, too.  

Actually, it's not really one of my favorite all-time films, but it's one I remembered looking at about 30 years ago, and I really liked it.  It kinda stuck in my head, and I wanted to look at it once more before I croak, and I could never find it at a video rental establishment.  

So, I saw it was available, and signed up for the free 30 day trial on The Netflix (registered).  There was ONE line in this film that  I remembered really good, because it was said to Perry Mason's Secretary in the film, and it made me laugh into convulsiveness.  (Now, the line is not all that funny standing alone, but it comes 90 minutes into a two hour film, and the scene is already set by then for it to be funny...and memorable 30 years later).

Okay, here's the line, and y'all can see if you can name this film...

"Mrs. Barlow, I did a lot of things around here I'm not proud of...But I never, and I don't know who would have if I didn't, but I repeat...I never, ever pissed in your steam iron!"

Let's see if y'all can name that film, or if I'm the only one that ever looked at this film.  Actually, there were some pretty good actors in it.  There was that dude from Tribes, and the guy that The Mrs. always thought looked like a young Robert Redford.  And Buddy Holly was in it, too.

That's probably too many clues, but I'm kinda generous when I'm sleep deprived, and all.

Not generous enough to give a real prize or nothing, but I'll see what I can do...


  1. Since I did not have a clue (even with the ones you gave) I looked it up (I cheated). And I've never heard of that movie.

  2. In the renaming of the months thingy for my first-ever post on Blackuary, I said that we would have to rename Juanuary back to January because there was only ONE Jan Michael Vincent.

    I meant it.

  3. [highlight bag blog's comment]

  4. Had to look it up, too. However, I actually have seen it. Looong time ago.

  5. Buddy Holly was in it? Dang. You're OLD.

  6. I have heard the phrase before, but i never saw the movie. Yes, I googled it.

  7. TD, I knowed you was a fan. But, probably not for the same reason The Mrs. is. Dude, when he and the others head out for the last time into the surf, she almost sins.

    Andy, I figured you had seen it.

    It's a good flick. It's not as good as I remembered, and a little sappy at times...and a little "B-ish" in places...but the ocean, and the music are "bitchin'!"

  8. Yeah, not for the same reason as Mrs. Andy. The only dude that I ever got like that for was Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. He was pretty.

    But, Airwolf was the only show that my cousins and me would even think about watching in the early 1980s.

  9. TD, I gotta look at some old episodes. And, I'm gonna look at Tribes again. Been a long time.

    I think Imonna like The Netflix.

  10. TD, I found out that Tribes has not never been released on DVD. Sucks.

    So, I went looking, and found it on the computer. I'm gonna look at it the next time I got time.

    I'll probably be 72 or so. But, I got it ready...

  11. Had to googley it. Dang! I've seen some plenty bad movies in my time (on purpose!), but this one could be a classic!

  12. Shame on ya', Moogie! Don't knock it until you try it.

    You go look at Jan-Michael heading out for his last ride in a once in a lifetime swell...all ripped & cut...and then come back and tell me it's a classic bad'un.

    I hope I'm not gay...

  13. Moogie, if you are a bad movie watcher like me, you simply MUST MUST MUST watch Southland Tales. No lie, it the single worst movie ever made. Nothing else comes close.

    And Andy, I don't think that you are REALLY gay, you just find the same men sexy that your wife does. Okay, that is gay.

  14. Is it worse than "Killdozer?". I'll have to check out some of the scenes mentioned here!

  15. Moogie, you simply have to see it to believe it. Seriously.


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