Tuesday, March 8, 2011

11 questions answered in pictures/images/whatever...


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I'm working on a post with some personal junk about what's been going on around here with the clan, and some funny junk, too.  But, I came across this last night over at House of Zathras.  Now, I didn't really have time to burn, but Mrs. Who has a good time burner.  So, I decided to try it because I thought it might be interesting.   (I didn't get tagged, or nothing, I just thought it might be interesting.)

It works like this.  There are these eleven questions.  And, what you do is enter your answer in to The Gooble Image Search®. Then whatever number of the question it is, you use that picture/image/whatever.  In other words, for question #2, you use the second image, and for #4, you use the 4th one, and on and on.


Okay...here are my eleven answers...
1.  What was your first job?

2.  What is your job now?

3.  What is your first born child's name?

4.   When you were a child, what was your favorite cartoon?

5.  What genre of music do you listen to most?

6.  Where were you born?

7.  Who is the first President you can actually remember being in office?

8.  Where would you most like to visit that you haven't been?

(Editorial note:  This one I could not answer.  I have already been everywhere I would like to go, and don't want to go anywhere that I have not been.  Except Heaven, of course, but I don't think The Gooble Image Search® has a picture that would do it justice. Just sayin'...) 

9.  Describe in one word your first girlfriend/boyfriend.

10.  What would you say to Barack Obama if you could only use five words or less?

11.  What is your current favorite word?


  1. Jackwagon is a great addition to our language. The world would be a darker place without it.

  2. Interesting, especially the "music I listen to most" image. I have trouble reconciling the thought of a Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. fan listening to Dio. Or Jim Morrison, even. Dunno why THAT is, but it is. ;-)

  3. Not only is R. Lee an upstanding citizen and Marine, but he has introduced a very powerful word to the lexicon.

  4. Inno, Mrs. Who, and BR...yes, Jackwagon seems to be my new favorite word.

    Buck. Bleh! I entered "Southern Rock" in to The Gooble Image Search, and that's the image that came up numerically. It was a toss-up between that and "Country," but the line gets blurry.

    But, I can usually see clearly in the sunshine. And, sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

    Just sayin'...

  5. John Denver is a Jackwagon.

    And Iwo Jima is strange assed name for a child.

  6. Seattle Andy, John Denver is a dead Jackwagon.

    What can I say about Iwo Jima? That's the picture that came up when I entered my oldest son's name. And, I ALWAYS go by the rulz.

  7. S-Andy: Heh. Jackwagon. Heh.

  8. Andy, this looks like fun but I don't have time to play today. Go ahead, call me a jackwagon if you want to. I did bookmark the House of Zathra page and will go back to it tomorrow or later tonight. Does that make me a half jackwagon or something? (That last line is a straight line. In case you missed it, I'm setting you up, boy.)

  9. Dan, I am positive that that is a hanging curve right over the plate.

    But, I can't seem to pull the trigger...

    I suck...

  10. TOO MANY ANDYs!!! They're coming to take me away in a Jackwagon!! (And, you know I'll play this game soon!)

  11. Yeah Moogie, it was kinda fun. I'd be interested to see all 11 Moogies.

    In a couple of instances The Gooble Image Search had an "objectionable" image, so I skipped on to the next one...because The Gooble Is Wrong!


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