Friday, March 25, 2011

Rolling Memorial!


Hey y'all! I was at work yesterday, and spotted a really cool looking ride in the parking lot.  I was busy, and couldn't stop to take a look.  But, I hoped it would still be there when I got back.  It was.

Now, I'm not a biker dude, so I'm not sure what kind of bike/trike/whatever this is.  But, I thought that it just looked way cool.  

Closer inspection was very interesting. 


That there is a POW/MIA remembrance Eagle on the front.

It gots a steering wheel (maybe that'll be a clue to y'all biker types as to what brand it is).

Those are names from "The Wall" covering that wrapper.  I bet this guy was a Sailor.

As I was snapping photos with my telephone (an amazing world we live in, huh?), a couple of other folks sauntered up and started snapping shots with their phones, too.  One lady said, "My husband's Father is on The Wall."  We looked for his name, but evidently a motorcycle wrapper is not really big enough to hold all 50,000+ names.  That would be a pretty big motorcycle.  Maybe a van, or a travel trailer could, though.

Just a thought.

Anyway, I just wanted to show y'all these pictures.  It was cool.

And oh yeah...If the owner of this vehicle happens to come across this post, "Thank you, sir!  And, Welcome Home!"



  1. The thought that went into the making of this memorial is mind-blowing.

    My monitor is all blurry.

  2. A nice tribute and it's done in good taste as well. BTW, that's some machine, never seen one like it!

  3. I am genuinely awed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is super cool. And as a sign guy, I can say that wrapping the graphic over all those curves is a major pain. Whoever did this had to care enough to put in a LOT of work.

  5. The paint is definitely cool and this aspect of your post dominates the comment thread as it prolly SHOULD.

    But about the bike, and I use the term loosely: "Trikes are for kids."

  6. Hey y'all! Thanks for the comments. It certainly was a labor of love for someone. Or, several someones.

    I wish I had caught the owner, so I could have quizzed him about the back-story.

    He probably gets a lot of that...


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