Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The Story Lady" seemed really funny at the time...


Hey y'all!  Yesterday, Jimbo posted the amazing elephant story which he swiped from me (giving credit, btw...thankee, Jim).  As I was commenting over at his joint, I was thinking that the joke reminded me of the old "The Story Lady" radio spots that Larry Ryan played for years on KEEL, and ran I'm sure on radio stations across the nation in the 60's (and maybe even 70's...not sure).

So, I went researching hard, and it turns out that "The Story Lady" was one Joan Gerber, who has had quite an interesting career in the voice actress biz.

So, the worldwide computer has everything, and I was able to come up on a collection of them.  I listened to a few, and they're not as funny as I remember.  But, I don't feel like it was a waste of time, either.

Good memories from my adolescence. 

If you are so inclined, you can listen to them here, for free.


  1. It's just that our intellectualism has grown by such leaps and bounds since that time. I mean, we were sitting around wearing bell-bottoms and sandals and thinking it was really groovy.
    Actually, I just listened to Romeo and Juliet - thought it was pretty danged funny!

  2. The 'net is truly wondrous. It turns out I'm familiar with a lot of Ms. Gerber's work (Roger Ramjet!! [who, like both my boys and The First Mrs. Pennington, is from Lompoc, CA]) even though I had NO ideer who she was until now.

  3. Pretty good. Tortoise and Hare. Muscatel.

  4. Jimbo, I think you're right. We all matured, and don't find it so dang funny any longer. But, on one of them the announcer says, "Join us next time when The Story Lady insults a major religion."

    I spewed.

    Buck, lots of successful folks are from Lompoc. It's a hot-bed of success. There's a big jail there, isn't there? Seems like that's where they locked up a bunch of Nixon's friends...could be wrong, but I'm too tired to Gooble it.

    Moogie, I know you MUST have heard The Story Lady when you grew up in the Third World. Surely you did.

    At the time, it was probably "cutting edge" stuff. I guess that as with any effort some were better than others...and were playing to a particular audience that found them all hilarious (at the time).

    Anyway, Ms. Gerber done good. Hey, I wonder if that's her baby on the strained English Peas???

  5. Seems like that's where they locked up a bunch of Nixon's friends...could be wrong, but I'm too tired to Gooble it.

    Nope, you're right. The inmates live a cushy sorta life, too... it's one o' them "white collar" lock-ups. I had a former in-law who worked as a guard there, so I heard stories... OTOH, the inmates could be seen every day pickin' up trash on Vandenberg AFB while I was stationed there, but that was before Nixon/Watergate.

  6. I never laughed at elephants. Tim Conway taught me well.


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