Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who The Heck I'm Iz?

Okay, a long long time ago...I can still remember how the music used to make me smile...

Oh wait!  This is not "Name That Tune," So never mind.

Nope, this here is another episode of "Who The Heck Am I?"  I stolden the idea off of The Mayor a long long time ago.  But, honestly I haven't done it justice.  Which I never do.  Heck, The Mayor let me do MENSA teaser one Summer, and I sucked at that, too.  (Sorry, Mayor.  I still feel bad about that...but the difficulties of life screwed me over.  Just sayin'...)

Anyway, I'm gonna get back to Name That Tune, and Name That Film pretty soon.  I've still got this really good one that makes sport of Bo Schembechler (and deservedly so), and also another one from Urban Cowboy (oooops...I guess that's a clue that y'all can file in your gray matter for future reference) that I'm gonna get around to.

Anyway, this is Who The Heck Am I?  Now, this is gonna be another easy one.  And, if you get it right, well, don't get all puffed up and vain and junk.   Because it's an easy one.

Pitcher #1:

Clue #1 :  Child Evangelist...

Picture #2:

Clue #2:  Second-rate actor

Yep, it's the same guy.  Well, like I said, this is an easy one.  If you don't know this one, well then you just don't  your child Evangelists, or second-rate actors.

Just sayin'...


  1. Believe it or not, I remembered his first name, but your crack investigatory comment tracking super software will tell you that I had to go to Search to find his last name so I won't say it but I did know it so what's the prize again??

  2. Sure Jim...Sure... The prize for not answering is the same as for getting it right.

  3. I have not the slightest ideer. I'm hopeless.

  4. Having trouble remembering the name - but I think that is the Quantum Leap dude. Wait a sec, coming to me... Scott Dracula I think.

  5. And I think the first pic is actually a very young Young Frankenstein saying "It's alivvvvve!"

  6. His name is...his name is...dangit, a '70s-'80s guy...Joyce knows too...but we can't think of it...But it's driving us crazy...We're looking it up on iMDB...There, we feel better. But since we looked it up, we won't give away the name. We will, however, provide one clue: his name begins with an "M." We don't care that we didn't win your prize. Mainly coz' we're not sure what your prize might be.

  7. Buck: Hmmmmm...I figured you'd know that one right off for some reason. BTW, you're not hopeless.

    Inno: Close, but as Dan noted, his name begins with an M.

    In fact, his back name begins with a "G."

    Dan, too bad. I had this really good book I was gonna send as a prize...

    BTW, I'm enjoying it, and fully intend to promote it.

  8. Are you guys gonna tell me who it is, or what?!?!

  9. C'mon, Moogie! You know who it is.

    He was a child Evangelist, and a second-rate actor. How many of those are there in the world for Pete's sake?

    Besides, somebody has to get it right first. It's a rule.

  10. My brain is frozen. When it thaws, I will give this some consideration. Don't hold your breath though (unless you really do look good in that color blue) because I think Spring and Summer were canceled this year in New England.

  11. OK, I gooblecheated and found him on that wikipedia thing.

    'Course Oregon ain't exactly Bible Belt so I guess it comes as no surprise that I've never heard of him.

  12. I recall this fella being in a movie with Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman where she had her huge bazookas on display but I can't remember his name or the name of the that's that.

  13. I still maintain that I'm the winner, because I did remember his first name.
    I await the award cermony . . .

  14. LemonLady, sucks, don't it! Actually quite warm and beauamous here. You guys have really taken it on the chin...seems like two or three years in a row, too.

    Inno: Yessir, I believe he was in that movie. But who was looking at HIM?

    Okay, Jimbo. If you're gonna be a whiny Nancy about it, you win! You did fantabulous! You remembered the guy's first name!

    I'm gonna work on your prize here in a while, and will post it tomorrow.

    BTW: If y'all are following the comment stream, it is Marjoe Gortner.


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