Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the winner is...


I gotta tell y'all honest here that I was a tad disappointed that all of y'all did not know the subject (object/whatever) of yesterday's little "Who The Heck I'm Iz?" quiz.

I really figured everybody would know Marjoe Gortner.  Marjoe is actually a pretty interesting cat, and I remember being somewhat interested in his life story several years ago.  

Anyway, it seems that only one of y'all knew Marjoe.  That would be Jim, and honestly he didn't even remember Marjoe's last name.  But, he whined and moaned, and claimed victory anyway.

So,'s your prize.

Be sure and post it on your sidebar...


  1. I have to admit that I did not have a clue. He seems pretty sleazy if you ask me.

  2. I second Lou.

    Andy, it's a heck of a good thing to see you on here.

  3. The award should be known as "The Brother Dave." Just sayin'.

  4. Lou & Staci, I guess "sleaze" is in the eye of the beholder. And, wimmins are usually a good judge.

    Buck: Nyuk!

  5. I am overwhelmed at being chosen for this honor. I am going to post my prize on my sidebar right now! This is only the second thing I have ever won. Years ago I spent $10 on a few lottery tickets and won $1. That's what the State of Louisiana considers a winnner.

  6. Andy, with all due respect to Jim, I want an award, too. As a matter of fact, in the spirit of the striking Wis. teachers I think every one who participated in your contest should get an award.

    We not only want equality of opportunity at Andy's Place, we want equality of result too.

    We all worked hard for that award and we all deserve it. I went over to Jim's blog and there was that prize RC and Moon pie pic. It just broke my heart. I know your blog prize budget is about 4billion in the red and I hate to do it but I just might have to organize a strike if you don't give us what we want.

  7. I would never come on your blog, Andy, and call someone a communist pinko leftie (Dapper Dan), nor would I disparage his right to free speech.
    But dammit, I will not have him ruin my moment of awesomeness!
    I worked hard for this win. First of all, I had to remember something (well, half of something). I don't do remembering very well these days.
    Second . . what was I talking about?

  8. I second Dan. I DEMAND my very own Brother Dave. I showed up, I commented... what more IS there to life? But please make my award text-free, I want an all-purpose recognition of participation. It's the New American Way.

  9. Should I admit that I have Brother Dave on actual vinyl, or would I have to remit said vinyl to The People? I call Wolverine!!

    Congrats, Jim, for your groceries.

  10. Moogie, you have Brother Dave on vinyl? I figured. You won't believe this, but I have a great source for replacement phonograph needles...Granddaddy & Daddy were in the biz, and Daddy still has an eternity-long supply of Zenith, Magnavox, RCA, and Sylvania needles.

    In a big plastic case that was in the store...and it's got a chart to tell which needle goes with which model phonograph. Really. It's in his basement.


    Dan, and Buck, y'all both made valiant wait...only Dan made the GoobleEffort. Still in all, I will give y'all y'all's own prize since y'all are Nancying up on me and demanding to be recognized for mediocrity. It may take me a while, but to avoid a strike, I'll give it the old college try and y'all's prize will be in the male.

    I've got me a grand idea here...really, I do. This idea could turn Andy's Place into one of the hottest spots on the worldwide computer. I'm literally rubbing my hands together with glee. Really!

    I mean, it could be like a prize-mill, where folks get globbing awards that they could post on their sidebars...I mean, I could just make up awards for all kinda for afrocentrical sites, or mexicoans/hispanics, or queers, or whatever. And, I could accept PayPal donations, too.

    Libs love to donate.

  11. Some folks may not know it, but an RC and a Moon Pie, is the consumate Southern meal. That's a real prize to go after! Now I understand why all of the contestants are yowling like an old tom cat about wanting their own prize.
    We will now sing the first verse of "Dixie".

  12. Oh now you've gone and done it, Andy. The natives are all riled and restless. How you gonna put down this uprising?

  13. I mean, it could be like a prize-mill...

    I'm thinkin' more like a diploma mill, no? Hell, there are THOUSANDS of bloggers out there who are starved for recognition and the proliferation of cutesy blogging awards testifies to THAT. You most definitely are into sumthin' here, and once again: I want my cut. Or another award.

  14. PS to Moogie: You ain't the onliest person with Brother Dave records. I first saw him down in Biloxi in 1964 when he was playin' hole-in-the-wall lounges, before the casino craze. I HAD to buy his records, if only to amaze and mystify my Yankee friends.

  15. My only knowledge of Marjoe Gortner is of his role in the all-star disaster flick "Earthquake" back in 1975, where he played a psycho National Guardsman menacing a very hot looking Victoria Principal. Yes, this was the movie with the infamous line "take off your pantyhose dammit!"

  16. Dave, Yep!

    Buck, I think I'm on to something. Don't worry, I won't forget the little people...

  17. Scooney's right about the consummate southern snack. Others may not realize, however, that it's pronounced "arra see cola.". Banana is the best Moon Pie flavor.

  18. Ah'm too late, but I knowd who he wuz. Saw him in three sleazy B-C rated movies (the 'best' of which was Earthquake).


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